We specialize in eCommerce and mCommerce strategy, development, implementation, and support, especially on the Magento and WooCommerce platform.

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It Takes a Great eCommerce Strategy to Make Money Online

eCommerce seller's life cycle
Getting an eCommerce website up and running is only half the battle.

Maybe less than half. Great brands know that the holy grail of online sales is a well-planned eCommerce strategy.

The pieces to this puzzle include your eCommerce platform, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Data Analysis, Reporting, and more. We understand how the pieces fit together, and we’d love to be your partner.


Logic helps you increase revenue by implementing contemporary web design combined with customer acquisition and retention best practices in a modern mobile-friendly manner.


We provide you with evaluative reporting tools and data analysis to drive better business decisions and adjust your site’s performance.


Our eCommerce strategy team includes Digital Marketing Specialists and development experts in Magento, WordPress, and WooCommerce, who work together to turn your online store into a thriving revenue center.

B2B & B2C

We specialize in both B2C and B2B eCommerce. So, whether you are selling parts to wholesalers or chocolate to candy lovers, you can count on us to help you strategize the best way to reach your customers.

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We are your one-stop shop for eCommerce success

eCommerce Strategy Consulting

If you need a storefront, shopping cart, auction system, shipping specialization, ERP and CRM integration, donations and fundraising, or all of the above, our consultants can work with you to strategize an elegant solution that fits your unique business needs.

Data Integration

Over the last two decades we have performed data integration with scores of systems including NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Sage, and Salesforce.

Site Design

We can identify and implement an existing theme that fits your design needs, or develop a custom design for your site. We also partner with eCommerce design specialists for an optimum branding and graphic experience.

Platform Migration

Are you outgrowing your current eCommerce platform and looking to make a move to Magento? In addition to developing your new site, our experts will design a data migration plan to get you painlessly from one platform to another.

Development and Implementation

You don’t have to make a strict buy v. build decision. Our approach determines what best-of-breed existing technology we can use for your project, and what requires custom development. We also perform comprehensive testing and site deployment.

Mobile Strategy

84% of smart device owners use those devices to perform shopping activities. We can help spearhead your mCommerce efforts with responsive web design for your site, or custom mobile app development.

Mobile Sales Force Automation

Showcase mobile sales system empowers your sales and marketing teams. In one tablet app you can build a catalog, take orders, share sales collateral, and more. It even works offline!

Support and Maintenance

Our relationship doesn’t have to cease when the site goes live. We are available with 24/7 support on a long-term basis, and will help you with any enhancements and growth strategies for your future.

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