10/11/2013 – Smartwatches for Kids, Yahoo! Mail’s Quinceanera and More!

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Welcome back to your weekly recap of technology news. Enjoy your Friday with this week’s blog post from Logic Solutions. Read on!

A Smartwatch For Kids is Coming to AT&T for the Holidays – Oct. 7

Smartwatches are all the rage these days. AT&T looks to capitalize on the trend by offering Filip, a smartwatch specifically designed for children. The real benefit might be for parents, though. The smartwatch not only acts as a phone, but can also be used as a GPS to determine the location of the child. A representative from the company confirmed that users need an AT&T plan to use the device, but would not speak on the price. Filip Technologies, the maker of the device, will announce a price later this year.

Source: NBC News 

Twitter Could Be Worth $20 Billion When Public Trading Begins – Oct. 7

Experts have speculated what Twitter will be worth once the company goes public. Initial reports said it was worth approximately $13 billion. Now Ironfire Capital LLC and Gamco Investors Inc. predict the company could be worth between $15 and $20 billion. However, investors are still skeptical of Twitter’s ability to generate a profit.

Source: Bloomberg

Instagram to Allow Ads on Photo Feeds – Oct. 8

Like Twitter, experts have long questioned Instagram’s ability to make money. Later this year, Instagram will attempt to remedy those doubts by allowing advertisements on photo streams. The company is convinced this change won’t ruin the Instagram experience, though. “If you see an ad you don’t like, you’ll be able to hide it and provide feedback about what didn’t feel right,” a company spokesperson said in a blog post.

Source: Reuters

Yahoo! Mail Turns 16, Gets Redesign – Oct. 9

Yahoo! Mail gets closer to becoming a legal adult and their interface is reflecting that newfound maturity. Users will see more digital storage space (one terabyte now), and previously premium-only account benefits such as automated message forwarding, among other improvements. The application has also been tailored to Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices.

Source: SkyNews

T-Mobile Will Now Longer Charge for International Data and Texting – Oct. 10

T-Mobile wants your business. And if you travel a lot, you might just want to give it to them. T-Mobile’s CEO, John Legere, said the company does not have many international users as of right now. As such, the company does not make a lot of profit off their previous system of charging high rates for international use. Now T-Mobile has nixed charging for international data and texting. This change joins T-Mobile’s previous announcement of allowing users to upgrade twice a year as the company attempts to make itself more appealing to mobile users.

Source: The Daily Mail

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