A Note from the Office Manager

Marketing Team Newsletter


Everyone at the office has a mug of their own. To say we love our coffee and tea is an understatement.


Let me begin by saying that I love hats. This is undoubtedly a good thing because during my 15 plus years at Logic, I have worn and continue to wear many different hats. Let me take you through a typical day:

When I first arrive at the office in the morning, I usually put on my hat for tidying up the kitchen, which includes making sure there is plenty of water in the hot pot for tea as well as in the Keurig for coffee drinkers. While this might not sound important, that first cup of tea or coffee can definitely make a difference in the mood of some employees. You know who you are.

Next up could be my “official greeter” hat, as I check various employee calendars to see who might be expecting guests. From my vantage point at the front desk, it is possible that I may be the first Logic employee a visitor meets. My goal is to create a welcoming environment for all who cross our door’s threshold.

Another, and perhaps the most important hat, would be my HR hat. It is vital that new employee account set up/paperwork/benefit coordination are completed efficiently and accurately. There is no room for error when this hat is perched on my head.

Oops – time to put on my purchasing agent hat – an urgent purchase request has just been approved and that little bit of software for the client’s project is needed RIGHT NOW!!!

Oh – someone needs to visit a client – time to switch to the travel agent hat and reserve airline tickets, hotel and a rental car. (I do believe this is my favorite hat!)

Last minute working lunch here in the office with a client or a company review meeting? Quickly change to the hospitality hat.

A first aid question or emergency? Time for the medical assistant hat. It’s amazing that my medical background still comes in handy at times…

There are many other hats stashed in my desk, too, but it is my opinion that if I am doing my job well, you won’t even notice I am doing it. It is my fondest hope that my contributions to Logic have somehow helped to create an atmosphere where employees feel comfortable and can work efficiently, and all visitors to Logic feel at home.

Linda O.