Detroit Auto (Tech) Show

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Thousands of journalists, car enthusiasts, and fans will flock to Detroit for the next two weeks to experience the latest installment of the North American International Auto Show.

Over 50 new cars will be unveiled for the first time to the flicker of camera lights and cheers of the audience. Automakers also have reason to be joyful as the American auto industry has remerged with over 14.5 million vehicles sold in 2012, a 13 percent increase from 2011.

Some of the event’s highly anticipated products include the seventh-generation Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, BMW 4 Series, and Nissan Resonance. However, beyond the new aesthetic designs and increased horsepower of these car launches, there is another trend at large throughout all the auto companies–technology.

Automakers are increasingly integrating technology within car design and functionality. Manufacturers such as Ford are leading the way towards bringing the car in line with the smartphone generation. Ford has announced a new initiative entitled The Ford Developer Program, which provides software developers the tools to incorporate voice-enabled apps into its cars.

So while you stroll through COBO and gaze at what the automakers have to offer, don’t forget to observe how automakers are integrating technology within the dashboard to incorporate the latest GPS systems, smartphone-compatible technology and more.

In addition, technology will play a center stage in the functionality of several car designs as manufactures focus on improving gas mileage and creating eco-friendly products. Several new cars as well as concepts will embrace the trend of hybrid and electrical motors including the Nissan Resonance and a new offering from Cadillac that was inspired by the success of the electric Chevy Volt.

And of course, the organizers of the Detroit Auto Show understand that guests will be using their smart devices throughout the auto show experience and they have provided users with an app to highlight exclusive photos and insider access. You can download it here.

Photo courtesy of The Detroit Free Press

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