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Over the years, USCAP, a Georgia based not-for-profit organization that serves around 10,000 members of Pathologists around the globe, was lagging in technological innovation and robust system sustainability. With more businesses moving to web and/or mobile-based technology to conduct their transactions and service customers online, USCAP’s management made a decision in 2012 to transform its current system to a foundation that would enable the organization to take advantages of today’s technology and match up with the challenges ahead.

Logic Solutions was identified, assessed, and granted the development contract based on its proven technology-focused strength, the readily accessible pool of competent development resources both here in US and in China and the agile Project Management and development methodology

This project lasted almost a year. Among the challenges were the complexity of USCAP’s business processes (educational requirements and individual member needs), the integration of multiple systems (back-end Association Management system and front-end 3rd party data sources), and the technical difficulties in converting its legacy data to the new system. The project had a two-phase implementation:

  1. Launched in November 2013 – Website with basic membership management functionality, online courses, and general information searching.
  2. Launched in March 2014 – A live meeting support (2014 Annual Meeting hosted a record of 4,800 attendees), with meeting materials publication, live registration, and post meeting evaluation that offers accredited academic certification.

Logic Solutions designed, architected, and developed a robust, flexible, and expendable system, based on a few new technology architectural facts:

  • Drupal-based development framework that allow developers to leverage existing, proven, and flexible code foundation, as well as provide an user interface for basic system configuration by the customer themselves.
  • PHP development tool for the development environment for advanced and up-to-date web technology and future expansion
  • A universal API (Application Programming Interface) structure that allows us to communicate to back-end (any) enterprise information management systems

Above all, Logic Solutions supported this project with a highly competent, business augmented and energized project management and technical team that, along with USCAP staff, made this project possible. Kerry Crockett, Executive Director/CFO at USCAP, made the following comment – “Although we’ve had some technical challenges with bringing this robust project to fruition, Logic Solutions developed a real partnership with the USCAP which will carry us into the next generation of technology.”

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