I feel we should at least mention CES

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kindle_ouchDo you like your tablet, but find it difficult to do much work on it?  Why not get a hybrid tablet/laptop like the one Lenovo introduced at CES this week?

Slate’s Farhad Manjoo opines why you might want to wait. As appealing as a hybrid device sounds, there are many reasons why it’s probably too early to jump ship form the tablet/laptop combo, including battery life, cost, and the ramifications of increased processing ability.

It reminds me of advice I’ve often heard given “NEVER buy the first model of any car, unless you enjoy auto shops”. I don’t know if what holds true for vehicles is applicable to computers, but looking back I cringe at the $279 my household paid in 2009 for the first version of the Kindle.


I captured the above image from Amazon today, then sighed dramatically.

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