Hacked Toilets, Recharging Moving Buses, and Gaming Treadmills!

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You know that moment when you’re asked to toss everything you knew out the window in order to learn something new? This happens in technology all the time. From hacked toilets to recharging buses while in motion to gaming treadmills, be prepared to be blown away.

Is Your Bathroom Haunted or Is It Just Another Case of a Hacked… Toilet?

A hacked toilet doesn’t seem like it could do much… but that’s because your outdated chamber pots don’t have automatic lids, air purifiers, rear-end cleaners, and temperature control. Japan, known for being technologically savvy, has an abundance of smart toilets in higher-end homes or hotels. A hacked smart toilet isn’t only freaky (making your bathroom seem haunted), but it can also run up a mighty electricity bill.

Source: PCMag

Keep Losing Your Keys, Smartphone, or Bags?

We “normal folk” have an uncanny ability to lose essential pieces of property such as car keys, smartphones, and bags. The HTC Fetch is a little tag that can be attached to any object, and with the help of the HTC Fetch smartphone app you can locate any of your belongings. The Fetch can be pre-ordered for about $40, a low cost compared to a lost phone or wallet.

Source: Android Community

Recharging Buses on the Road

The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have developed a pair of buses called Online Electric Vehicles, or OLEV. These buses are recharged wirelessly by cables buried in the road with an 85% maximum power transfer efficiency rate. This lets the buses continue to be recharged while in motion.

Source: DailyTech

Xerox Machines Should Copy Everything

…right? When you scan a document, an exact copy should be produced! Some scientists have found that this is not always the case. In one scenario, two copies of the same construction plans indicated that a room was 22 square meters…or 14 square meters. The issue seemed to be centralized around selecting low quality scans, which causes the JBIG2 software to kick in. Some users of Xerox scanners have been able to replicate the issue, which leaves us to wonder how many other documents have incorrect numbers.

Source: DigitalTrends

Get Ready for the Next Generation of Gaming

Virtuix is in the process of creating the Omni gaming treadmill. This treadmill includes a 48-inch platform that the user slides along with a pair of special shoes to simulate walking or running. It also has a ring to hold the user in place while they look in all 360 degrees, providing him/her with a fully immersive video game experience. You can find an eight-minute demonstration video here.

Source: PCMag

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