LIVE WEBINAR: Unlocking your Field ROI Potential

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Webinar: Secrets to unlocking your field sales and marketing ROI potential

webinar_mac_mike_angelaPresented by:
Showcase™ Business Development Manager Mike Huegli and Director of Marketing Angela Kujava

Mobile technology in field sales and marketing

Thursday, April 18


When 8 out of 10 sales are rapport-based, face-to-face conversions, it’s clear why relationships are the single most important factor in B2B sales.

Face-to-face interaction is pivotal to sales revenue, but it can also be hard to come by when field reps are bogged down with administrative tasks and paperwork.

Rather than shaking hands, field reps are wasting too much energy on multi-tasking (data-entry and processing, preparing presentations, juggling print materials, etc.). These diversions can have big implications on revenue. Companies are now turning to mobile technology in order to reduce these inefficiencies in the field.

In our webinar, we will discuss how Sales Force Automation solutions can immediately help your company sell more and sell faster.


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