Logic Recap: Detroit, Genisys, Facebook, and Go Blue

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We understand if you might have missed some of the tech news from last week. Any combination of the following two words explains it all: Final Four, Michigan Wolverines, Michigan Basketball, Go Blue, We On, Maize & Blue, and The Team (x3).

Here’s a quick recap of the important tech news you missed so you can get back to cheering for Michigan in tonight’s National Championship Game.

Detroit Electric

The new Detroit Electric company has risen from early 20th century ashes. Now the company has also unveiled its flagship model, the fully electric SP:01. The new Motor City automobile will be built on a Lotus Elise chassis powered by a 201 HP electric motor, which will help the car achieve a range of 180 miles on a single charge. The car will boost a top speed of 155mph and a staggering 0 to 62mph in 3.7 seconds. A limited first production run will be capped at 999 vehicles. Info via New York Times here.

G + LS = Android

We also had some headlining news last week in the form of a top-rated mobile app. Genisys and Logic Solutions team up to develop a mobile banking app for Android. The move is a follow up to the successful and “Best Credit Union Mobile Banking App” that was previously released for iOS.

Facebook Home

There was much speculation leading up to Facebook’s press event last week about whether the company would be releasing a new Facebook phone. Instead, the company unwrapped Facebook Home. Underneath its skin, Facebook Home is a new type of social networking app meant to be running at all times, whether for good or bad (several privacy concerns exist). Home expands the basic Facebook app to take over your Android phone and become the new “home” screen. New features include a Cover Feed and Chat Heads (a redesigned messaging system). The app is available for Android phones starting on April 12th. Info via CNET here.

Good luck to the Michigan Basketball team tonight! Go Blue! Hail to the Victors!

Photo courtsey of AnnArbor.com photographer Melanie Maxwell.

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