Logic Solutions Develops IGORA Educator iPad App for Schwarzkopf Professional

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Pioneering Application Allows Users to Create and Save Hundreds of Hair Color Formulas on the iPad

schwarzkopf-goodFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—October 26, 2010—ANN ARBOR, MI AND CULVER CITY, CA—Logic Solutions, Inc. announced the release of the IGORA Educator iPad application for Schwarzkopf Professional. Schwarzkopf teamed with Logic in late July to design and develop a stylish iPad application with improved functionality of their proprietary “System Educator” web application, which provides users access to hundreds of hair color formulas. Intended for use internally by Schwarzkopf’s sales and education teams, and externally by salon stylists, the application not only gives users the ability to retrieve formulas, but they can create and save them with the original “My Clients” function.

The app contains four primary functions: Create Formula, My Clients, Hints and Tips, and Browse Educator. Create Formula provides a chic, modern interface with which users select the client’s target color by choosing from the series and shades in Schwarzkopf’s IGORA color line. These options are presented on a unique scrolling arc that moves fluidly and easily beneath a user’s touch. After target color selection, the user then proceeds to white/gray level selection, application type, and natural level hair color, also shown on scrolling arcs.

Once a user enters all hair color data, he is provided with the formula to mix the IGORA color products. Unlike imposter applications on the market, each of the hundreds of formulas have been directly tested and approved by Schwarzkopf.

The “Hints and Tips” function shows six sections of helpful color application information, including concentrates, color correction, special recommendations, color refreshing, and toner and developer tips. “Browse Educator” allows the user to browse through the graphic versions of the original System Educator pages, with a contemporary page-flipping look and feel, and quick menu access to jump through a section.

With the largest single-store iPad purchase on record, Schwarzkopf outfitted each member of their sales and education teams with an iPad, totaling more than 470 devices.

Logic’s COO Bruce Richardson states, “This is a ground-breaking application. Not only is the app attractive and highly functional, but Schwarzkopf has been very innovative in their mobile strategy by quickly identifying the value in providing their sales people with a device that allows them to showcase products smartly and fashionably. As they release new products, Schwarzkopf will be able to create additional mobile apps, sales materials, and presentations that their team can exhibit beautifully on the iPad. This was an exciting project to be a part of, because Schwarzkopf has shown that an internal commitment to new technology allows their marketing and sales to be more streamlined and efficient—all while looking better (and carrying less).”

The IGORA Educator application for iPad is currently available on the App Store. Schwarzkopf plans to release a version for iPhone before the end of 2010.

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