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Logical Additions

CarsonCarson Tan is the newest member of our team, serving as a Technical Lead in our California office. During his first few weeks, he visited our Ann Arbor office and quickly learned that it can get just as hot in Michigan as it can in California. But we don’t think he’ll be visiting very often this winter.

Before coming to Logic, Carson worked for Entrospect Solutions Inc. in Los Angeles for 10 years. He is a computer science graduate from the University of Kentucky, and when he’s not busy working on Logic projects, he enjoys traveling, taking pictures, and singing karaoke with his friends.

258baaaLauren Henderson joined Logic this month as Marketing Coordinator. She will be assisting the marketing team with email campaigns, case studies and all things marketing.

She is a graduate of Michigan State University (and is so far playing nice with the Wolverines in the office). Her previous work experience includes marketing positions at ProtectCELL and the Michigan Bankers Association. In her free time she enjoys sewing, teaching Zumba, and spending time with her husband and dogs.

Seco Tools Launches Showcase Sales App for U.S. Team

Seco Tools, headquartered in Sweden with locations in more than 50 countries, rolled out Showcase to their first user group this July, and expects to introduce the app to their entire U.S. sales team, about 220 individuals, throughout the summer.

Seco takes advantage of Showcase’s sales library, which holds company collateral, informational brochures and catalogues, and instructional videos for sales reps to review with their clients. By using Showcase, Seco will greatly reduce their spending on printing and shipping collateral across the country and world.

See Seco’s Showcase app in action.

Quantum’s QSDS Safety Data Sheet

GHSSafety Data Sheets (SDS) are widely used by organizations to catalog and present information on chemicals, their compounds, and mixtures. Within a single organization, SDS generation and authoring may affect multiple departments, including R&D, sales and marketing, and production and manufacturing.

Big changes are coming to SDS in 2015, when OSHA will adopt the GHS SDS Standard. At that time, all SDS documents and labels must conform to GHS regulations. Does your company have a plan to address these changes?

With Quantum’s SDS Authoring and Generation software, you can save time and effort when producing SDS and converting to new GHS standards. Get your instant quote today!

Catch Up On What’s New With Tech

Exciting Showcase Developments

menu_icon2xYou may have noticed that we referred to our Showcase app as “Showcase Sales” above. That’s because we’re preparing to launch the next in our Showcase family of products: Showcase Menu.

Showcase Menu is made for restaurants and their guests. Your customers can use Showcase Menu to browse appetizers, entrees, drinks, and specials with the swipe of their finger. You can even upload photos, letting your customers see exactly what each delicious dish looks like. Plus, you have the ability to export your menu as a PDF to print for special occasions or email to valued customers.

Visit Kuroshio in downtown Ann Arbor to see the beta version of Showcase in use, and keep posted on www.showcasecloud.com for all exciting Showcase Menu developments.

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