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From Chicago…

Peter DolanPeter Dolan joins Logic as our Chicago Regional Director. Peter has deep roots in Chicago as a long-time resident of the city and graduate of Loyola Academy. He majored in Communications at Michigan State University and thrived in publishing, promotion, brand management and multimedia development before becoming an expert in Open Source and the Microsoft ecosystem. With his past creative experience on the Apple platform, he’s thrilled to evangelize Showcase to brands wishing to break through the sales clutter.

Peter resides in East-Lakeview with his wife and two children, just a stone’s throw from Belmont Harbor, where he sails in the summer and walks his Golden Retriever Scout in the colder months. View Peter’s LinkedIn Profile.

…to Taiwan

Logic Solutions Taiwan OfficesOn October 1, we officially cut the ribbon for our new software development center in Taipei, Taiwan. The office is located in the Nankang Software Park, an internationally renowned high-tech incubator.

CEO Jimmy Hsiao, who grew up in Taiwan, views the move as a “big win-win” scenario for Logic’s partners.
Taiwan’s advanced technology industry and culture has created a high supply of high-tech talent, which is one of the incentives luring many leading software companies to its shores.

“As we continue to make long-term U.S. business partnerships, we simultaneously seek ways to ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction,” said Hsiao. ” With our Shanghai office at 90% capacity, we’ve known for some time that we needed to locate more space and talent globally. Taiwan is very competitive, and Nankang Park has state-of-the-art facilities to help attract excellent employees who will do excellent work for our clients.”

Read more in the press release.

digiCOACH is Saving Time, Helping Teachers

INFOGRAPHIC: Digital Edge Learning’s digiCOACH app exemplifies how mobile technology can make every day work processes more efficient and profitable.

Administrators using digiCOACH to manage classroom walkthroughs and feedback can increase process productivity SIXFOLD. Here’s how:

digiCOACH Infographic

View the full-sized infographic

Protect Your Company from EH&S Risks and Violations (video)

Constantly and carefully monitoring your Environmental, Health and Safety compliance is the only surefire way to protect your company from risks and violations.

Quantum Compliance’s BI Dashboard visualizes the strengths and weaknesses in your EH&S practices so you can rapidly respond to operational and regulatory risks.

Watch the video to learn more.

Cyber Monday Lessons (blog)

Riverbed InfographicUpgrades to a company’s eCommerce site and mCommerce adoption are mission-critical for B2C sales and marketing.

On Cyber Monday, 18% of shoppers browsed websites on their mobile devices, and mobile purchases accounted for 13% of total online sales (or roughly $200 million). With mCommerce’s share of total internet sales expected to rapidly increase, having a strong mobile platform for consumers to engage with is becoming extremely practical from a bottom-line perspective.

Conversely, slow or outdated eCommerce websites can result in a huge loss of potential customers and revenue.

Click here to view the statistics.

What’s Up With Jimmy?

Jimmy Hsiao at Lead in the Holidays Fundraiser EventJimmy attended and sponsored the 21st annual Lead in the Holidaysfundraiser event, held by Leader Dogs for the Blind on November 11. Leader Dogs for the Blind provides guide dogs to people who are blind and visually impaired to enhance their mobility, independence and quality of life.

CFO Grace Lee and Jimmy mentored groups of Ph.D. candidates and young entrepreneurs in the 2012 China Business Challenge (CBC) hosted on November 18 and organized by the China Entrepreneur Network University of Michigan Chapter. The CBC is a business model competition where students compete to propose the most innovative entrepreneurial solutions to economic, environmental, or social challenges facing China.

The team they mentored, Cancer-fighter, advanced to win $4,000 based on their proposal to provide a novel endoscopic system for early detection of gastric cancer with significantly improved diagnostic accuracy. With more than 400,000 new gastric cancer patients in China each year, Cancer-fighter is confident that their product will, “not only dramatically improve overall survival rate by identifying cancer cell at early stage, but also generate million-dollar-scale profits for investors.” Learn more about the team.

Jimmy was also a panelist at the Broad China Business Society’s 8th Greater China Supply Chain Forum, where he spoke about risk management regarding Environment, Health and Safety.

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