Mobile is Hotter than Web and Desktop Development Combined

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mobiledevelopment_processBy Q4 this year, client-facing and employee-facing enterprise mobile business app projects will outnumber web and desktop development projects.

According to Appcelerator’s Q1 2013 Mobile Enterprise Report, 87% of enterprises surveyed predicted that the total number of native appsmobile web, and responsive design development projects for B2B, B2C, and B2E purposes will exceed web and desktop projects by the end of the year.

The survey of CIOs and other key stakeholders concludes that, “companies that have not fully embraced mobility are at risk” as competitive pressure mounts to develop and enhance mobile apps to make internal work processes more efficient and transform B2C engagement.

In addition:

• 88% of organizations surveyed by IBM currently offer or are expected to adopt mobile versions of websites AND mobile apps in 2013

• iOS and Android device adoption is growing 10 times faster than PC adoption did in the 1980s

In fact, early adopters of mobile technology are already enjoying increased productivity, reduced paperwork and increased revenue. Check out Logic’s portfolio to see a few examples of how.

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