A Note from the Director of Offshore Operations: A Day in the Life

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9:00am EST: “Keith, we have a crisis! Our client’s website is down and I couldn’t get hold of anyone!!” a project manager at our Ann Arbor office called on my cell phone.

9:05am: “Who do you need? And what’s the problem?”

9:06 am: “The client could not bring up the home page on which they sell products by the minute! Help!”

9:08am, about 10pm in China on the eve of the Chinese New Year (it’s the Year of the Goat): “…well, too bad! Our developers (all in China) are all drinking, singing, and watching the national festival saga. They’re on break so give them a break!”

(Just kidding, I did not say that.)

At 9:25am, I got a hold of our lead developer in Shanghai, and by 9:30am we identified the internet intrusion that caused the system slowdown. After contacting a US hosting company, the site was back live in just minutes, well within the client’s agreed service level agreement.

As you may know, we have development centers in the greater China area – Shanghai, Beijing, and Taipei – and each has its technical specialties that support a variety of projects for US customers and clients.

Unlike large-scale software development houses, we at Logic have a very nimble, agile, and responsive operation (with well-controlled internal processes) to best serve our customers that are small in size and fast-paced in business nature. By having technical staff in the U.S. and our development teams in China (and dedicated staff that work long hours to ensure overlap and coverage), we are able to provide almost 24/7 around-the-clock support for our customers. This is unseen anywhere else.

And that’s only one of the Logic advantages.

That’s what I do. I’m the person responsible for connecting the dots (or sites). I’m proud of the unique round-the-clock service we’re able to provide our customers. And yes, I do get enough sleep every day.

Keith Shen
Director of Offshore Operations

Ed. note: We are very happy to hear that Keith gets enough sleep. Sometimes we wonder…

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