Logic is excited to introduce a brand-new app to you! We have helped our client, a sports enthusiast from North Shore Films, build AMP THAT, a mobile app that does just what it says … AMPS up your videos and pictures and turns them into awesome and unique creations.

Studies show that Gen Zers are on their smartphones in excess of 15 hours a week, 83% of them say that it is important that brands offer customizable experiences for more than one type of consumer. North Shore Films recognized this major shift in the marketplace toward customizable generated sports content. They saw a rise in social media highlights; consumers shooting and sharing content; integration of animation in sports TV content and video production in youth and high school sports. They saw an opportunity that had not yet been captured in the current social media market. AMP THAT is a unique sports-exclusive app that appeals to the Gen Z market. A true sport-specific editing app with tools that do not exist with sites like TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. Sports social media does not offer advanced editing capabilities, nor does it allow users to integrate IP with their own content. Understanding that Gen Z is always searching for fun and unique moments to capture and share, why not do that with an exclusive sports theme? This was an opportunity to create a sports highlights editing app that generates next level digital content by connecting consumers and content rights-holders in a completely new way. AMP THAT was born!


  • Mobile app that edits sports videos.
  • Integrations with social platforms
  • Logic built the app in Swift and used Google Firebase to track user behavior.


Swift, AWS S3 Bucket, Firebase, JSON Web Services


Taking cool photos and videos of yourself and or friends playing sports is very common. Sometimes these photos and videos can be a little redundant and mundane – same old picture week after week. But what if it was better? The AMP THAT app allows users to import a video or photo from their phone’s camera roll, perform some editing, then save the modified video as a new video back on their camera roll where they can then share on their social platforms. There are a lot of fun and exciting animations and editing features that create a custom look and feel to your videos and photos.

To start, the client is rolling out the app for iOS. Logic built the app in Swift and used Google Firebase to track user behavior. The app is feature-rich:

  • Speed modification of the video by a factor in the 0.1-4 range. This means the user can slow or speed up the video.
  • Utilize predefined animations with the ability to resize, translate, and rotate. The user can also choose the duration and starting point of the animation.
  • Choose multiple animations and audio files to play at the same time.
  • Select preexisting audio files from the app or add your own from your music library.
  • Add custom text with the ability to change font and color, resize, translate, rotate, and change the starting point and duration to appear within the video.
  • Integrations with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.
  • One of the most unique features is that you can drag your finger across the screen to create a path that a chosen element can follow in the video so the animation travels along the path as the video plays. Think of a fire streak that follows a running back score a touchdown.

Go and download this app today!

This project was completed in close conjunction with the client using an agile methodology. This allowed Logic to regularly gain client input, then adapt and adjust as new ideas were formulated.

Logic Solutions was the perfect partner to take the concept and bring it to life. They were able to deliver an outstanding final product with a development process that allowed me to be in control and make well informed decisions from the data points they providedsaid Rashid Ghazi, President, North Shore Films.

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