The Sword in the Stone and The Omnipotence of Mobility

Marketing Team Technology

Thursday’s Webinar, Unleash Your Field Potential: Maximizing Your Field Sales and Marketing ROI, illustrated why mobile technology is to B2B commerce as Excalibur is to King Arthur.

Mobile technology’s upside is especially strong for companies with large field sales and marketing teams. Consider the following costs associated with outside sales, marketing collateral, and events:

  • webinar_showcaseHow many print catalogs do you print per year? How much do they run you?
  • Are you achieving a satisfactory ROI?
  • How many reps do you have that process orders? How much time to they spend doing so, and what is their hourly wage?
  • How much productivity do your reps lose by not having instant access to up-to-the-minute corporate sales and marketing documents and collateral?

With the right strategy, mobility can alleviate all of these headaches.

From SMEs to Fortune 500 companies, business are unleashing mobile technology to:

  • Increase profit margins
  • Increase workforce productivity
  • Reduce labor, materials, and operating costs
  • Deepen customer engagement and brand loyalty
  • Generate revenue

… or in other words, to conquer their industry.

Simply developing a mobile catalog and digitizing paper forms is not enough, however.

Download the Webinar PDF, and ask us about the Showcase™ mobile sales system to see how you can streamline your entire field process and reach unprecedented field productivity.