Tackle your backlogged app development projects with MADS confidence

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Last year, Governor Rick Snyder declared that, “there are 80,000 jobs waiting to be filled” in Michigan.

Unsurprisingly, many thousands of these job openings are for high-skill and high-pay IT positions in software engineering, systems/network administration, information systems, UI/UX design and so on.

But, while their need in these areas is real and urgent, employers are exercising extreme caution and selectivity in their hiring practices. For example, the Detroit News reported last year that Quicken Loans took its search outside Michigan in an attempt to recruit over 300 qualified and compatible IT specialists. Similarly, GalaxE Solutions struggled to fill 500 IT jobs.

As a result, Michigan CIOs face a long and growing queue of backlogged web and mobile application development projects. In numerous cases we encounter, in-house IT teams simply do not have the bandwidth to develop or make major enhancements to enterprise apps, especially those with complex functions.

When companies can’t find or can’t hire the resources necessary to tackle these web or mobile development initiatives, they turn to MADS…

Managed application development services (MADS) is our popular resource management solution for companies that are stretched too thin to develop and/or enhance multiple software projects and can’t find or can’t hire full-time developers.

We can provide an application development team that functions as your business’s application development arm (or extra arm) without many of the liabilities that homegrown app development usually incurs.

Learn more about our dedicated development teams here, and let us know if you have a managed services arrangement in mind.