You have to be comfortable with the process in order to feel confident in the result. That’s why our teams develop using Waterfall and Agile methodologies, so we have the flexibility to work together in a way that’s right for you. There are a lot of technical definitions of these terms, but we’ll make things simple here.

Waterfall Development (Milestone)

This involves completing the entire software development life cycle in order:

  1. Requirements & Analysis
  2. Design (Creative and Architectural)
  3. Implementation (Development and Programming)
  4. QC (Testing)
  5. Deployment
  6. Maintenance

You may prefer waterfall development if you do not want to be engaged for the entire duration of the project (waterfall development means you’ll spend a lot of time with us up front and at the end), or if together we can define EXACTLY what you want at the outset. With the waterfall methodology, we identify project milestones at which time we reconnect and review the progress.

Waterfall method

Agile Method

Agile Development

This involves several small iterations of the software development life cycle, completing elements of your project concurrently. For example, we may be developing the payment module of your eCommerce site while simultaneously scoping out how your gift card management will work.

You may prefer agile development if you want to be constantly involved in the project, seeing things as they are completed, or if you are a very visual and sensory team that needs to see progress in order to know “exactly” what you want. Agile development involves daily “standups” during which the team discusses iteration status and plans.

Don’t worry if you’re still unclear. We can help you decide.