Mobile App Usability Checklist

How to Foster Smooth User Experience

Have you ever deleted an app that you recently download? This scenario is all too common – you simply delete the app because it is too hard to use. Mobile apps can be exceptional tools that are always with you. To take advantage of their mobility your apps need to provide a smooth and friendly user experience. Usability is a fundamental part of the customer experience that determines if the app is easy to use and if it will stay installed on your phone. A mobile app with good usability helps to attract, retain, and expand your user base and improve your user’s efficiency. We put the following checklist together to foster excellent usability for your mobile app.

This checklist focuses on:

 Visibility of System Status

 Match Between System and The Real World

 User Control and Freedom

 Consistency and Standards

 Error Prevention

 Recognition Rather Than Recall


 Aesthetic and Minimalist Design

 Help and Documentation

 Mobile Specific Gestures

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