Applied Fitness Solutions in Ann Arbor, MI, is dedicated to the enhancement of physical fitness, athletic performance, health, and wellness. Clients are assigned a certified fitness practitioner who implements comprehensive fitness and nutritional programs, while also providing the individualization and accountability of one on-one personal training.


With more than 2,000 clients, over a dozen fitness instructors, and a second location opening up in Plymouth, MI, Applied Fitness realized that their successful business was expanding faster than their desktop-based member management system could handle.

The previous client management system they used was only accessible to Applied Fitness’ staff and fitness practitioners (trainers) exclusively on desktop computers, which limited a trainer’s movements and client interactions. Additionally, the system wasn’t much more than a “working Excel sheet” that is accessible online. It listed all available classes and evaluation assessments, and acted as a portal for trainers to see when a client checked in and what workout they performed.

However, clients had no access to the management system, couldn’t interact with their trainers outside of class, or track their own progress. When a trainer prescribed a workout for a client to perform at home, clients had to remember their workout routine or write it down when they managed to find a piece of paper. These workout plans were easily lost or forgotten, thus resulting in clients not sticking to their workouts or performing them improperly, which could lead to injury. This inconvenient method was ineffective and delayed clients from seeing the fitness results they want. In addition, the only way clients could complete and submit their food log for approval was to turn in a piece of paper to Applied Fitness’ front desk, where it would then be keyed in by front desk personnel into the system.

To top it all off, the management system had a visually displeasing user interface (UI) and was so complicated that most staff and fitness practitioners didn’t know how to use it. Only one person at Applied Fitness’ front desk knew how to update the system and enter new client data. Any time other staff members needed anything, they constantly had to ask the front desk for assistance, which negatively impacted all employees’ efficiency. It also was indicative of a lack of training and knowledge. Michael E. Stack, President and Exercise Physiologist of Applied Fitness Solutions, worried what would happen to the business should the one knowledgeable front desk person ever leave.

In summary, Applied Fitness’ archaic, non-user-friendly, inefficient, old desktop-based client management system affected the business’ internal costs and time, and made it difficult for clients to efficiently focus on their health and fitness goals.

Applied Fitness came to Logic Solutions for a technical solution that would manage their existing client database and serve as a platform for their fitness practitioners (trainers) and clients to interact through. The new system expanded to 4 times the size of its previous incarnation and added a user interface for clients to access their fitness information, send and receive messages, and view prescribed workouts. Fitness practitioners can view their interactions with clients, perform assessments, send client reminders, quick notes, reports, and manage clients.

The solution required three components:

  • It had to be a web-accessible management system.
  • It needed to be open and accessible to all clients with tools for tracking their workout prescription, progress, and class payments, and provide additional interactions with their fitness practitioner.
  • The system needed to be able to manage clients at both facilities


  • Developed custom client management system
  • Integrates with MindBody’s backend membership management system
  • New web-based client management system has 4x the functionality of the previous version
  • 15-20% reduction in time spent on administrative tasks
  • Boosted business by 10%
  • Eliminated complex Excel spreadsheets
  • Manages multiple-facility information
  • Staff able to process clients 5x faster than before
  • Increased client individual attention and accountability


PHP, Laravel, MySQL, MindBody integration


As with all of our clients, our primary concern was building Applied Fitness a powerful management system that acts as the center of their fitness training while contributing meaningfully and measurably to their business.

Logic Solutions used PHP with a pre-built CMS framework that allowed them to develop a new Client Management System (CMS) to meet Applied Fitness’ needs and lower the overall project costs. The CMS uses MySQL for the underlying database and integrates with MindBody’s backend membership management system. With the new CMS and user-friendly interface, clients can now access their prescribed workouts online (or print them out) from anywhere. As a result, accessibility means clients are more likely to stick to their workouts and stay healthier.

This CMS allows for two types of accounts: a practitioner account and a client account.

Upon logging in to the CMS, a fitness practitioner can…

  • View daily client activities from the dashboard
  • Look up clients
  • Manage client profiles
  • Read and respond back to client messages
    • This internal messaging system allows trainers to compose messages to clients and attach documents.
  • Set and manage reminders for themselves
  • Prescribe workout routines
  • Conduct a client assessment
  • Evaluate a client’s food log and recovery log
  • View client’s Applied Fitness attendance
  • Track history of recent interactions with clients
    • To help ensure greater accountability, trainers can view clients who need to be contacted as a result of lack of interaction in the last seven days with their practitioner. For example, if a client has recently been afflicted with back and knee problems, thereby preventing them from adhering to prescribed workouts or submitting food and recovery logs, a trainer can make a note to be aware of this change in the client’s physical abilities. This functionality also helps fitness practitioners keep clients on track with their fitness goals.
  • Look up client payment information
  • Manage their own profile

Similarly, clients are now able to interact with their trainers in a digital format. In the CMS, clients can…

  • Read and send their trainer messages
  • See prescribed workouts
  • View their trainer’s assessment
  • Submit their food log and recovery log
  • Manage personal info

Now that their CMS is web-based, trainers are able to access it from any device anywhere, even when they’re in a training session with a client. This freedom allows trainers to perform assessments in the gym, on the spot. Now, trainers can directly type the client’s assessment into the web-based CMS and immediately make it available for viewing.


The new CMS was a success with the Applied Fitness staff. Michael E. Stack, President and Exercise Physiologist of Applied Fitness Solutions raves, “The Client Management Software Logic Solutions developed for us has been an absolute game changer! By putting all of our client management tools (food log evaluation, exercise prescription, assessment, etc.) into one integrated software platform, my trainers have seen a 15-20% reduction in time spent on client management tasks. This has allowed them to provide a higher level of service AND manage more clients.”

By reducing the amount of time spent on client management tasks, fitness practitioners were able to accept 10% more clients than before, thus adding to their already successful and popular business. It also helped Applied Fitness build better client loyalty because clients felt better connected to their trainers.

In addition, trainers can now manage and evaluate a client’s food and recovery logs 5 times faster than previously. The digital format helps fitness practitioners to monitor a client’s performance, immediately provide feedback, and make corrections to problems if necessary. This quick turnaround lets trainers better help clients achieve their fitness goals.

To summarize, Applied Fitness’ new CMS improved the trainer’s efficiency and has allowed for more open, accessible information for both trainers and clients. The success can be attributed to Applied Fitness’s vision and Logic Solutions deep understanding of the client’s needs. With clear goals, Logic architected, developed, and launched a powerful technological solution that served and supported Applied Fitness’ business model.

“Keith and the entire team at Logic have been exceptional at helping us determine our needs to develop a software platform met our requirements, timeline, and our budget.” – Michael E. Stack, President and Exercise Physiologist of Applied Fitness

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