Headquartered in Saline, MI, MMI Engineered Solutions is a global leader in designing and manufacturing solutions that improve performance, reduce weight, and lower costs in OEM components and material handing applications. With over 30 years of experience, MMI Engineered Solutions is a proven thought leader in the industry. Their world-class engineering lab and manufacturing facility provides solutions for diverse industries including transportation, defense, food processing, alternative energy and medical devices. The company’s clients include Chrysler, Ford, GM, Toyota as well as the leading universities in the state, including the University of Michigan.


MMI Engineered Solutions approached Logic Solutions to reinvent their online presence with an industrial-strength corporate website. The company’s previous website was outdated by a decade, lacking a customer interaction section and a contemporary experience. In addition, MMI was in need of unique e-commerce integration for their website that would be based on completely custom orders.

Logic was tasked to solve MMI’s business challenges including:

  • • Reinvent corporate website with new branding initiative
  • • Explore opportunities for customer interaction online
  • • Establish a complex and fully customizable e-commerce presence with the ability for custom products and quotes


  • New website
  • Client login area
  • Custom eCommerce section with a custom product configurator
  • 3D product images


.Net MVC, C#, MS SQL


Logic approached the business challenge with three specific goals: reinventing the client’s web presence and branding, providing customer integration, and developing a custom Product Configurator from scratch.

Logic created new graphic designs to produce a new corporate website in accordance with MMI’s marketing objectives. Logic also converted the outdated HTML website into a new CMS based site.

An integrated customer section allows for client login. Logic coded the system to be individually tailored to every customer and provide a custom welcome screen dependent upon the customer’s unique company information. The customer section is unified with the e-commerce functionality to provide one-on-one customer support.

The custom e-commerce section was MMI’s highest priority. Programming it required custom coding in order to include a database of thousands of specific parts with varying dimensions. Logic’s extraordinary technical team, with almost two decades of experience, was up to the challenge and developed the custom Product Configurator.

The Product Configurator allows customers to order custom parts with no limitations to dimension size. In addition, the Product Configurator includes 3-D images of the product and integrates with the customer section so that the MMI sales department could provide custom quotes based on their clients’ needs.


Logic’s approach generated an e-commerce presence, which increased business revenues and opened the doors for a wider customer base. The new MMI website correlates to a vast increase in order volume.

Logic also streamlined the order processes into an easy and time saving method, which saves MMI various business expenses and increased time management.

Logic coded the new corporate website as a CMS-based site so that content would always be updated with up-to-the-minute information, reinforcing MMI as a global leader in their field. In addition, the new graphics and website reinvigorated the company’s brand and increased awareness throughout the industry.

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