Patients with heart failure who have a heart that is too weak to do its job or are waiting for a heart transplant may require special assistance to pump oxygen-rich blood throughout the body. The left ventricular assist device (LVAD) is a kind of mechanical circulatory assistance placed inside a person’s chest to helps the heart keep the patient alive by restoring normal blood flow. In some cases, the LVAD allows the heart to recover normal function by providing adequate rest. After heart surgery, LVAD patients need to be constantly monitored to ensure optimal health, proper mechanical functions of the LVAD, and early detection of complications in order to prevent rehospitalization.


The University of Michigan School of Nursing (UMNS) conceived a mobile app for LVAD patients and their caregivers. The app is integrated in the patient’s daily care for his/her LVAD and health. Unique features of the app include automatic reminders for patients/caregivers to complete LVAD care, efficient communication with LVAD clinician, and the ability to  easily log health and LVAD pumping statuses. These data is transmitted securely back to the hospital and clinicians, where reporting and trending can be performed to help patients and caregivers solve problems that may prevent rehospitalizations.


  • Mobile app for left ventricular assist device (LVAD) patients who just had had open-heart surgery
  • Monitors patient’s health and the LVAD’s mechanical functions
  • Decreases amount of time patients have to spend in the hospital under supervision and saves patients in medical costs
  • Doctors can track health and performance
LVAD patient monitoring mobile app screen


Hybrid framework (iOS and Android)


The LVAD medical app that Logic Solutions developed for UMNS is currently in research use phase at the University of Michigan hospital and 3 other hospitals in the country. The primary objective of the app is to provide patients with a basic checklist to complete and submit each day in order to help them monitor their heart’s performance.

LVAD patient monitoring mobile app screen

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