The Logic Development Center (LDC)

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Flexible SCRUM Teams to Meet Your Agile Development Needs

Today’s businesses are doing more with less bandwidth thanks to technology. The Logic Development Center (LDC) is your solution to stretch and even strengthen your development capacity without the associated risks of having the correct skillsets in-house. We have a proven record of delivering on time and on budget.

Key Offerings

Dedicated Project/Teams

Fully dedicated projects or outsourced based teams. Managed by you or Logic – both with Logic oversight.

Integrated Development Teams

Dedicated teams and resources to augment your existing teams. Managed by you with Logic oversight.


Long-term, partnership-based talent acquisition program to reduce onboarding costs and easily adapt to your culture and processes.

The LDC allows businesses to fully participate in the SCRUM development process using SCRUM Sprints that include regular communications with all stakeholders. While engaging with Logic’s LDC you still have tremendous input and full ownership over all of your application development needs – web, mobile, & websites.

A major health care provider in the Midwest was able to utilize the LDC for both a sales app and consumer mobile app.

Problem #1:

The provider’s sales team was stuck in a rut using paper printouts and old fashioned maps to create their sales routes and visit clients for renewals. It was maddening and a very labor-intensive process.

The Solution:

With the help of the LDC, our dedicated team created an app for the iPad that integrated with their web app allowing the salesperson to download their clients onto the iPad through their web app and deliver their routes and renewal information held in one small device. The app was built in Swift by our team. The provider, in turn, had 3 developers on their team learn Swift from our LDC developers. This allowed them to take over the care and maintenance of the app with their own team.

Problem #2:

With the success of the iPad app the provider decided to do an external mobile app for both Android and IOS for their clients to use. This app was put together by a dedicated team in NativeScript so that the code remains the same for both versions. The team consisted of:

  • Product Owner
  • ScrumMaster
  • 4 Developers
  • 1 UI/UX Developer

The app is currently live in the Apple and Google stores. The team is currently working on launching watch apps to accompany the mobile apps. These are built with Swift and Java.

The Logic Development Center is your technology partner for all your mobile and web needs. Let us use our dedicated resources to help you achieve organizational growth through technology and partnership.

For more information on how the Logic Development Center can help you grow your business, contact us at (734) 930-0009 or email us at