5 Things to Consider Before Mobile App Development

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Logic team lists out five major things you need to consider before any mobile app development project.

Covid-19 has changed smartphone usage behaviors dramatically. Initially, people switched everything to their phone in order to avoid close contact with each other and prevent the spread of Coronavirus. However, due to this change, people tend to adapt and now are relying on this change in lifestyle. For example, more customers order food through their phone, companies manage and communicate with their employees and clients using apps, and increasing numbers of educational institutions are taking advantage of mobile applications to assign homework and upload learning materials.

5 things to consider before mobile app development

More and more companies are investing and developing mobile applications to reach out to more customers to help grow their business and increase revenue. Building a mobile app is not just a yes/no decision but a more complicated process to consider how you can approach your goals and objectives in a more effective way.

Below we list out five major things you need to know before you begin mobile app development.

Build an MVP

Building a Minimum Viable Product (abbreviated MVP) can bring great benefits to a business that wants to build a brand-new product. It is an efficient way to validate ideas, figure out the right direction, while with relatively low effort and cost. Here is A Guide for Building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that introduces you to a typical approach for MVP called Build-Measure-Learn.

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If you would like to dig deeper into specifically how we make it happen in our weekly or bi-weekly plan, you can read The Story of Scrum. Scrum method is the foundation of our daily work.

Choose the Right Platform

What to consider before deciding on the right platform for your next mobile app? Which is more important to your company, user experience or budget? There are multiple factors that will affect your decision on choosing between Native App or Hybrid App and this article Native App or Hybrid App, What Is Right for You? can help you determine the better options.

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Know the Market and Look for Insights

Competitive research is a very common method in marketing strategies. While in this article – What Is Comparative Analysis and Why Is It Important?, we introduce you a widely-adopted approach in the User Experience field. Comparative Analysis is more inclusive and more likely to bring new insights to your projects. It is leaned to those competitors who provide different services or products in the same market that satisfy the same/similar customer needs as you do.


Ensure Your App is User-friendly

How to make your mobile app an exceptional tool for your customers? The answer is to provide them with a smooth and friendly user experience. Usability is a fundamental part of the customer experience that determines if the app is easy to use and if it will stay installed on their phones. A mobile app with good usability helps to attract, retain, and expand your user base and improve your user’s efficiency. We put together a Mobile Usability Checklist to foster excellent usability for your mobile app.


Make Your App Accessible to More Audience

Excellent accessibility is a great and must-have feature for your mobile app. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires all mobile apps to be accessible to the disabled without any discrimination. Additionally, excellent accessibility boosts your app to a much wider audience and stands out in the market. Check out our blog of Accessibility Checklist for Your Mobile App to see how.

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Of course, there are more factors to consider when it comes to mobile app development, especially when each company is looking for different functionality, timeline, budget, audience, resources, etc., you will need a plan that tailors to your business goal.

During Logic’s decades long experience in mobile app development, we are devoted to adopting the latest strategy, methodology and technology in the industry. Our dedicated team are here to understand your requirements, suggest the best options for your business that will maximize your success and help you stand out in the competitive market.