4 eCommerce Resolutions You Should Have for 2016

Angela Kujava eCommerce

online-shopping2016 is here and the first quarter is a perfect time to plan your eCommerce goals for the rest of the year. You’re over the holiday rush (sort of…don’t forget about gift card season!), returns will soon return to normal, and you just might have a few moments of downtime to outline objectives for the next busy season. Consider it your business New Year’s resolution!

Don’t take this brief respite for granted. You have an opportunity to address pain points with your site, like resolving why shoppers don’t seem to make purchases on mobile devices, or investigating where you can reduce costly fees. Q4 2016 will be here before you know it. Here are some things to remember as you prepare your eCommerce improvements:

  • Finding the right eCommerce partner is critical. Do you feel elevated or stuck with your current vendor? This is an opportunity to review your relationship and thoroughly vet new potential partners, if necessary.
  • Re-examine your mCommerce presence. “mCommerce” is short for “mobile commerce” and it’s absolutely necessary in today’s world of iPhones and Androids. How does your eCommerce site look on smartphones and tablets? How easy is it to make a purchase with a mobile device, or continue the purchasing process when switching between different devices? Maybe this is the year you’re ready for an app to boost your revenue stream. A consultation with eCommerce experts can help you brainstorm new and creative ways mCommerce can fit into and support your eCommerce strategy.
  • Consider new markets. Are you diversifying your revenue by selling in popular marketplaces like eBay and Amazon? Do you think your product would do well overseas? Maybe it’s time to branch out.
  • Changes take time to implement, so give yourself (and your eCommerce partner) enough time to adequately plan, design, develop, and execute any updates or upgrades to your website. Trying to start and complete a project just weeks prior to the next big shopping holiday most likely will not go well.

Back to the first point, the right partner can be a tremendous help in creating goals and a comprehensive action plan for your online sales. Our eCommerce Checklist can be a great place to start getting your ideas on the page, and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or to set up a no-obligation meeting. We would love to help you optimize your eCommerce strategy for the rest of 2016.