Accelerate Your Connection with China: Logic Express File Transfer sYstem (Lefty) and Logic Express Connect

Angela Kujava Press Releases

Logic Solutions launches new point to point high-speed connection that increases data transfer speed and application access between the U. S. and China up to 15 times.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—November 6, 2008, ANN ARBOR, MI—Logic Solutions, Inc., a leader in China-based software development, web design, support and staffing, today announced two innovative solutions in business communication with China. Logic Express File Transfer sYstem and Logic Express Connect allow customers to transfer files or access applications securely between the U.S. and China at speeds up to 15 times greater than the internet. Logic Express File Transfer sYstem (Lefty) is a web-based solution that allows users to drop a document or file into an out box which automatically routes the information to an inbox across the ocean over a high-speed point-to-point data line. Lefty will notify users that a document or file has just been deposited into their inbox.

Bypassing the public Internet, our point-to-point cross-ocean high-speed connection allows customers to experience an increase in file transfer speed up to 15 times. A large file that takes ten hours to transfer through conventional means may take as little as 40 minutes with Lefty.

Logic Express Connect taps into a high-speed data pipe to allow users to connect to servers and applications across the ocean eliminating delays

associated with the public Internet. No more hitting a keystroke and waiting. Logic Solutions offers three ways to get connected:

1. On Demand VPN ­ A simple and inexpensive way to dial into the connection. This method is recommended for occasional users.

2. Always On VPN ­ For those that want to stay connected all day long.

3. Direct connection “Always On” ­ For companies that have multiple users all day long.