Logic Solutions' CEO Jimmy Hsiao is working from home

A Message from Our CEO Jimmy Hsiao to Our Community

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Editor’s Note: Following COVID-19 guidelines for protecting employees and clients, our Ann Arbor office will be working remotely so your business will not be delayed or impacted!

Dear Logic Friends and Family,

I want to make sure that we at Logic exercise the best practices to cope with Covid-19. Logic has asked all of our staff, young or old (me), to work from home and maintain a social distance. Everyone has a different experience setting up a home office. I am not experienced at all. I never truly had a home office because I like to come to the office to work. And I enjoy meeting people in person. At this unusual time, like everyone else, I need to work from home.

Highlights of my temporary home office:

  • All the gear that I need: laptop, iPad, iPhone.
  • Low and high posture: sit straight on the floor. Occasionally use the standing desk (my son’s music stand).
  • Follow my doctor’s direction to do back stretches every two hours (yoga mat next to me).
  • Surrounded by a good view to have a better mood to work.
  • Video conference ready for all of my team members
  • Keep a social distance with the rest of my family who are also working at home.
  • Life/work balance: when really tired, take a 10 minute nap in hammock.

We focus on providing you our usual great services at this unusual time. Please stay safe and healthy through this unprecedented time.

All our best from Logic Solutions,
Jimmy Hsiao

See how some of the other Logicians are working from home:

Matt is all set up with an office having 3 monitors at home but he prefers the comfort of the dining room where he has a room with a view and his dog by his feet.

Some of our team working from their homes as we whether the storm. (clockwise: Cheryl Gong, Monisha Khapali, Alan Chen, Sara Sha and Deb Davis.
Working with our furry and feathery friends! Brett Comstock with his bird, Dakota; Ian Shi with his cat, Mimi; and Steve Russie’s cat, Kevin, taking control of the wheel!

We’ve added a whole new spin to “Take Your Kid to Work Day!” We have a budding accountant and jr. developer soaking up the knowledge from their moms!