Good Things Come to Those Who Fish: A Lesson in Sales Philosophy

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I recently had an intriguing conversation with Al Carpinelli, Account Executive for Logic Solutions for the last 19 years, regarding his passion for the sport of fishing and how it directly relates to his sales philosophy. Al has been an integral part of Logic’s sales team, bringing in a vast array of clients both big and small, just like a typical day of fishing.

Al Carpinelli, our account executive, who applies fishing in his sales philosophyHe often comes to the office after the weekend smiling and extremely happy, ready to bust out his phone and tell me his big fish stories. He has been fishing for as long as he can remember and his love runs deep. He was able to share several pictures and stories with me about his experiences, boasting most about his smoked salmon. (I am eager to try it after months of hearing about how incredible it is!)

But why did we talk about fishing? We were supposed to be talking about sales. The burning question for me was, does he relate his philosophy of fishing to his philosophy in sales? He is equally passionate about both.

When asked the question, Al got a big smile on his face and quickly said “Great question!” He was eager to spend time talking about his philosophy that can be boiled down to the simplest of terms. “P & P, Deb,” he said. “P & P.”

What is “P & P” to Al? Doesn’t seem that tough, but has such a great meaning –  Patience & Persistence. Patience with oneself and Persistence without being annoying. He actually applies this philosophy to all areas of his life including fishing, his career in sales, his family and friends, and his Buddhist faith. But first the big fish!

Al Carpinelli went fishing at the beachSales is a lot like fishing, you must do your homework first:

  • What are you targeting?
  • Do your research.
  • Investigate the climate (for fishing it is the weather).
  • Plan fully.
  • Use care (especially in big water).

If all of those things are done well, you will succeed. The same goes for business.

“Sales and marketing drive a company and I want to be up at the front of the ‘The Bus’!” He said with a grin. “There is no position more fun than as an Account Executive!”

“Clients make a buying decision in their own time frame, with their money, for their reasons. My job is to be there when the time comes.”

Much like fishing, he has successfully been there when the big “fish” are biting. Al is patient with prospective clients but persistent enough so that they never forget him until the time comes when they need our service. He wants to be the first person these companies go to when they are ready to get the ball rolling. After that, he is an expert at getting things moving as quickly as possible with great diligence. He knows there is a small window of opportunity and he must attend to every detail until all the ink is dry and we get started working on the project.

Al spends a great amount of his time networking, which is key to sales. Networking to him is enjoyable, not work, and done frequently and selectively. One of the keys to great networking is to be open and sincere. Also, promote your brand every chance you get. Inevitably, he walks away making new friends and leaving a good impression. That is the goal. He is always appreciative and, in turn, not only does it bring us new business, but he establishes a relationship that often brings us referral business. Fishing is not catching. You must enjoy the pursuit of the sport even when you are not catching. If you do things right, you WILL succeed.

Al also applies these principles in his spiritual life as a Buddhist. P & P means Persistence with his faith and Patience with himself and those around him. Al is a husband to his wife of 41 years, Carol, as well as a father to Andrea and Marisa, and the twinkle in his eye – his 5-year-old granddaughter Esme’.

P &P is the center of his work, family and spiritual life. Al embodies the belief, “If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life.” He is now flirting with retirement and slowing down his schedule, but is he ready to completely give it up? Not while he is still having a great time bringing in the “Big Fish” for Logic Solutions! We hope he doesn’t hang up his rod and reel anytime soon!

Al Carpinelli holding a king salmon

Deb Davis is the office administrator at Logic. She is the mother of two boys and is a huge football fan. It’s a good thing that she roots for the maize and blue with the rest of the Logic family!