Logic Recap: Google Wallet, 50 Billion Apps, Mobile Retail, Bill Gates

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It’s Monday, time for your weekly Logic Recap. Here’s your whirlwind overview of the latest in the tech world.

Google Wallet

Have you always dreamed of sending money as an email attachment? Google is making it possible with a new addition to Google Wallet. The service will be available over the coming months and it will be as simple as attaching a PDF document.

More info via engadget.

50 Billion For Apple

Last week Apple reached a new milestone in the App Store. The 50 billionth app was downloaded on Wednesday, “signifying the rapid growth of a business created by the explosive spread of smartphones over the past five years” (The Guardian).

The lucky downloader of the 50 billionth app will receive a $10,000 iTunes gift card.

More info via The Guardian.

Mobile Retail

A new study published last Tuesday reports that by 2017, “approximately 25% of online retail transactions in the U.S. will take place on mobile devices, more than double the number that occurred in 2012” (Mashable).

More info via Mashable.

Bill Gates’ last visit to Steve Jobs

Bill Gates was featured on CBS’ 60 Minutes and he discussed his last visit with Steve Jobs. The two technology leaders were longtime rivals, but they also held a deep mutual respect for each other. In the interview, Gates discusses how the two grew up together, their companies, and how Gates admired Jobs’ sense of design.

More info via USA Today.

Go Wings!

Good luck to the Red Wings as they take on the Blackhawks in Game 3. The series is tied 1-1 as the Wings venture on their quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Image courtesy of The Guardian (Photograph: Isopix/Rex Features).

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