Logic Recap: Interplanetary payment, 3D cameras, and more!

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Too busy to scavenge the internet for the latest tech news every day? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the latest technology. From interplanetary payment to a 3D camera for your iPhone, this past week was chock full of tech goodies.

Windows 8.1

While tablet users, on average, loved Windows 8, the desktop users were befuddled by the new interface: Where’s the start menu? Where’s the power button?! New full-screen media player? New picture viewer? While some users see this update as redemption, Microsoft has announced it to be simply “refining the blend.” This highly anticipated update will be set to be released for free for Windows 8 users in about six months, but you can give the Windows 8.1 Preview a trial run right now.

Source: The Register

Paypal Galactic

How will you pay for things on Mars? Will you be using cash or credit? Will you be using the same outdated credit card readers? Paypal has the answer to all of your space travel currency questions. Paypal Galactic will be your one-stop-shop to all money transactions, whether it’s buying flight tickets, buying groceries, or sending money back to Earth.

Source: International Business Times

RIP Google Reader

Effective the end of the day today, Google Reader is being shut down. Google has often turned off products and services that have not been performing very well. A cute infographic of the Google Graveyard created by Abram Brown from Forbes is shown here.
If you use the Google Reader, do not panic! Digg has launched its own reader just last week that builds on top of the basic Google Reader interface and has plenty of sharing and integration features.

Source: Fast Company

Return to the Home Screen? Just Flick your Head

iOS 7 was announced a while ago with a plethora of cool features, making both the most advanced programmers and technology toddlers a little giddy. However, one feature that was not mentioned is controlling your iPhone or iPad with your head. Aside from countless app possibilities, this also allows disabled users control their electronic devices without using touch or voice.

Source: CNN

3D Camera… for your iPhone?

Ever wanted to shoot 3D pictures or video? Poppy aims to bring this feature to your iPhone for less than $50. Simply plug Poppy into your iPhone and flip the front half of the device over to align it with the phone’s camera and… BOOM! 3D shooting and viewing! This device is set to be released by the end of the year.

Source: Tech Crunch

Image courtesy: AllThingsD Bonnie Cha

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