Logic Solutions attends 2017 UM-SJTU Joint Institute Summer Capstone Design Expo

Jennifer Pan Press Releases

On August 9, 2017, University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Joint Institute 2017 Summer Design Expo was a smashing success.

At the exhibition, students from the Joint Institute presented more than 90 innovative projects that dazzled businesses and parents alike. The projects showcased topics that were taught in the capstone design, engineering, and manufacturing courses and highlighted the students’ accomplishments. A few topics that received high recognition include:

  • Gesture Control Gaming
  • Chlorophyll Detection
  • iGlove—A wearable keyboard
  • Automated Handwriting Machines
  • An interactive robotic system for playing a Chinese chess game
  • AI Applications in Tourism

Logic Solutions sponsored the senior design topic “EHS Regulations Search Engine for Quantum Compliance”. In celebration of the capstone project, Logic was joined by other international leading corporate sponsors, including Bosch, General Electric, Siemens, Intel, United Automotive Electronics, YITU Technology, Panasonic, and Germany ZF. Logic’s CEO Jimmy Hsiao and Quantum’s CPO Pat Brooks were invited to the senior design exhibition to enjoy the innovative research projects, which they gave high praise and recognition.

The EHS Regulations Search Engine focuses on providing services and information regarding environmental health and safety (EHS) regulation standards. In China and around the world, there are all kinds of EHS laws and regulations, including national, corporate, and local standards, and they are constantly being changed and updated. If corporations don’t quickly respond to the latest EHS regulations and address them, they run the risk of legal action. However, new regulations also bring business opportunities. The problem then becomes how to quickly search for new regulations that they need to adhere to.

The students on the “EHS Regulations Search Engine for Quantum Compliance” project developed a search engine that can obtain the newest and most complete EHS regulatory information in the world. Quantum Compliance, a subsidiary of Logic Solutions, has more than 30 years of EHS experience. The new search engine customizes the user experience to present fast and accurate EHS regulation results based on the user’s searching habits, needs, and keywords. Moreover, the search engine also simplifies the search results page by removing unnecessary data and content and only displaying relevant regulation details to give users a better browsing experience and easier time getting to the “heart” of the regulation itself.

“EHS Regulations Search Engine for Quantum Compliance” is in its final testing stages and will be launched soon. Stay tuned!

Logic has been working with the UM-SJTU Joint Institute on the capstone design track since 2013. We support students from the institute with customized projects that combine enterprise products with current market trends. Students learn how to use methods to systematically solve design problems in over the course of three months, and implement their engineering knowledge in real-world projects. The Institute’s capstone project also gives students first-hand experience in the workplace atmosphere before they enter the workforce.

At Logic, we strive to inspire students to think creatively, cultivate multi-purpose and interdisciplinary talents, and develop innovative solutions to real-world problems.

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