Logic Systems Engineering Launches ShippingRefunds.com

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—February 5, 2010—ANN ARBOR, MI–Logic Systems Engineering announces the launch of ShippingRefunds.com at http://www.shippingrefunds.com.  ShippingRefunds.com provides shippers with software that automatically tracks delayed deliveries caused by carrier error, allowing shippers to easily request their guaranteed refund.

The software is integrated with a shipper’s existing system platform, so there is no need to reenter tracking numbers or package information.  Each day the customer generates a late shipment report that provides all the necessary data to begin the claims process and request a refund from a carrier.

Pam Brown, Vice President and Director of Sales & Marketing, states, “On average, our clients claim that about 5% of their packages arrive late to their destinations, without legitimate reason from the carrier.  If you do the math with even more conservative estimates you’ll find that the potential to save money in package operations is tremendous!   But because the claims process can be timely, even arduous, shippers often avoid pursuing the refunds they deserve.  With ShippingRefunds.com, we take away that hassle and inconvenience.”

ShippingRefunds.com specialists provide software installation, and ensure proper integration with existing systems.  Costs include a one-time set-up charge and a nominal annual support fee.

For more than 21 years, Logic Systems Engineering has focused on helping companies from a wide range of industries save money and increase productivity in their shipping, warehouse, and mailroom operations.   Their engineers have experience in a broad range of manufacturing and distribution applications, including those that involve weighing, bar coding, print-and-apply labeling, internet, small parcel and LTL carriers, bills of lading, reports, pack verification and hundreds of customized solutions. Excelling in host systems integration, Logic has successfully implemented solutions with virtually every available platform, database, ERP, WMS, and accounting system, integrating over 2,500 shipping systems projects.

About Logic Systems Engineering
Launched in 1989, shipping systems pioneer Logic Systems Engineering was one of the first companies to introduce a methodology for integrating multi-carrier shipping software with warehouse management, ERP, and accounting systems. Today, we are recognized as a leading expert and reseller of shipping and warehouse solutions, adding value by providing consulting, integration, and implementation services.  Logic Systems Engineering is a subsidiary of Logic Solutions, Inc.

More information is available at http://www.logicsystemsengineering.com.

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