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We all get those annoying pop up messages on our computers imploring us to update certain programs. No matter the importance of what we’re doing – be it browsing Twitter or sending out a proposal – it all seems a lot better than watching a percentage increase on an update bar.

But each time you click “Not Now” you’re putting yourself at risk for security breaches and missing out on important feature updates.  Just like personal-use software, regularly updating your content management system is not only an important way of protecting your business, it’s a great way to stay relevant with new features.

Security breaches are a very real (very scary) threat to businesses. According to a 2013 study by Symantec, nearly two-thirds of all security breaches are the result of system failure and/or human error.

Open-source content management systems are particularly at risk due to the customization components of the systems. With each plug-in or add-on, there are new updates and, therefore, new vulnerabilities – or new opportunities for improvement, if you’re a glass half-full kind of person.

While open-source system updates are usually generated by the CMS community, closed-source updates usually need to be done through the developer of that specific system. Depending on the update (and the developer), a developer may charge extra for the update.

Content management systems are not tools you can simply buy, put up on the shelf and be done with. They require frequent care and attention in order to continue to serve your business in their highest possible capacity.

There are obvious consequences to such security breaches. According to a 2013 study by IBM, almost 20% of security breach victims report a loss in revenue from the breach.  That’s reason enough to click “Yes” the next time those notifications pop up.


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