Almost 40% of Michigan Job Openings are for Software Developers

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Last month, I wrote about how talent deficits and HR hang-ups are creating severe application development logjams in IT departments throughout Michigan.

With pre-Recession legacy systems quickly ossifying and with somewhat looser budgets, CIOs are spending more and more time conferring with their company’s recruiting coordinator to bring on talent that can make an immediate impact. Their demand for software engineers is especially acute.

How acute (hint: historically significant) is this demand exactly? Data drawn from Pure Michigan Talent Connect provides a partial answer.


As of blog time, a search for all available full- and part-time jobs and internships in Michigan yields 35,535 total openings.

When search keywords are entered for “software, software engineer, application developer, web, mobile, tech lead” 13,708 results are produced. Yes, almost 40% of job openings are for software/application developers.***

*** Kids: “Learn to code” is the new “Stay in school.”

When other IT jobs are thrown in the mix (specifically, Systems / Network Admins, UX/UI designers, Information Systems), this number swells to 20,468, or 58% of job openings. That’s without considering critical contributions from Project Managers, Account Executives, Graphic Designers and others.

With such stark need in every corner of the Michigan economy (Fortune 500, SMEs, universities hospitals, etc.), real resource management alternatives are invaluable. We’ve got a good one — Jet over to our MADS page to learn about it.

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