2019 24 best mobile apps countdown to holidays with Logic

Countdown to Holidays: 24 Mobile Apps We Love in 2019

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Editor’s notes: This year at Logic, we asked the team what is their most used or favorite app. To celebrate the holidays, we will reveal one recommended app each day until Christmas. Don’t forget to come back and check out the new app!

Countdown #1: Audible

Audible ranks #1 in the Books category on Apple’s App Store with a 4.9 rating from 2.3M users. As one of the Amazon companies, Audible offers the world’s largest selection of audiobooks. If you love reading but don’t want to hold a physical book or kindle, try Audible! It enables you to listen to books anywhere: commuting, road trip, walking your lovely dog, etc.

iOS version | Android version

screenshot from audible app

Countdown #2: CBS Sports

CBS Sports covers MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLS, NCAA sports, WNBA and more! No matter if you are a football fan or basketball enthusiast, you can watch your favorite sports shows and live games wherever you are.

iOS version | Android version

Screenshot from CBS Sports app

Countdown #3: CNBC

CNBC offers global business and tech news all in one spot across all platforms. With the customized news section and news alert, you can turn it into your own news corner. One thing we love the most is the live broadcast feature that allows us to watch live or recorded TV streams from CNBC.

iOS version | Android version

Screenshot from CBS Sports app

Countdown #4: ESPN

OK sports enthusiasts, we’ve got an app you want to put on your phone or desktop right away! Regardless of what sport or season, you will always find something interesting and the latest on all of your teams and leagues on ESPN. You can even watch a game on the app (you only have so much time before you have to authenticate with your internet service provider to continue watching). We (Matt) even like the fun notification sound!

iOS version | Android version

Screenshot from ESPN

Countdown #5: Elevate

Elevate was selected as the Best App of the Year by Apple in 2019. It provides personalized daily brain training to improve your memory, speaking, reading and math skills. Those short intuitive mini games that you can play during work breaks to help you refresh your mind. The review reminders also allow you to learn from your mistakes.

iOS version | Android version

Screenshot from Elevate

Countdown #6: Facebook

Facebook might not be strange to you at all. It has been the most popular apps for years. You can text, like, comment, share, and explore more happening around you through one app. From sharing what’s new in your life, your latest pictures and funny memes, to discovering local events and getting more involved in your community, Facebook creates a platform to bring people much closer.

iOS version | Android version

Screenshot from Elevate

Countdown #7: Fitbit

If you want to take being able to count your steps a lot further, then the Fitbit is definitely for you. It is not just a handy looking watch! It works in conjunction with a fantastic app. Not only does it have your traditional step counter, it also encourages you hourly to meet a goal. It also gauges sleep patterns, heart rate, and so much more! All around you’ll love this app and it’s very easy to navigate. It does a good job on data visualization and you can easily understand daily step goals and sleep conditions by looking at the chart. The setup/onboarding process is easy as well. A must-have for your New Year’s resolution goals!

iOS version | Android version

Screenshot from Fitbit

Countdown #8: Google Maps

You don’t have any sense of direction? Google Maps is your best friend! It not only navigates you the best way to avoid bad traffic, but it also shows the street view to give you a brief idea of  what the area looks like. There is another cool thing: you can check the review of every destination and reserve a table from your favorite restaurant. People love Google Maps. However, there’s one thing that annoys Sylvia: she always feels like Google Maps is yelling at her when she misses a turn…

iOS version | Android version

Screenshot from Google Maps

Countdown #9: GroupMe

You can chat either on your phone or on your computer. GroupMe pushes down the boundary of messaging: sending hilarious videos and lovely group pictures. Funny gifs in a group chat are not something that stops you from sharing your holiday greetings anymore. Text your friends and family on your way!

iOS version | Android version

Screenshot from GroupMe

Countdown #10: Groupon

Saving more money for this holiday season is the best policy. Groupon offers coupons for things you spend such as shopping for Christmas gifts, dining out with your friends during vacation. The best part is that you don’t need to print out a stack of coupon books to save money. They are all in your phone! Isn’t it great?

iOS version | Android version

Screenshot from Groupon

Countdown #11: Grubhub

Not feeling dining out tonight? Grubhub might be another option for your dinner. You can pick either delivery or pickup to save more time when getting food. It does not only tell you what people think about the food but it also shows you the food preparing status so you are able to track and plan your time ahead. There are lots of restaurants available in the app as well. Grabbing food is now so much easier!

iOS version | Android version

Screenshot from Grubhub

Countdown #12: Hopper

Hopper has a clear but cute interface that helps planning a trip much easier. Booking flights or hotel rooms are the only two options in the app which are the most important parts when planning a trip. It not only compares prices for users, but it also predicts the best price. Therefore, users can watch several flights or rooms in the app and Hopper will tell people when it’s the best time to book tickets.

iOS version | Android version

Screenshot from Hopper

Countdown #13: Pandora

Whether it is the newest hit or the golden oldies, Pandora has a station for all of your varying moods and tastes. Not only does it play lots of songs from your favorite artist, but it finds other songs form the same genre that may not know or already love. Pandora is an adventure in music! There is a free version if you can handle commercials or a paid version that is commercial-free. Hop onto Pandora and listen to your favorite Christmas music then stay tuned for the rest of the year!

iOS version | Android version

Screenshot from Pandora app

Countdown #14: Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO creates a global gaming sensation since Niantic launched this mobile game in 2016. The app releases new challenges, Pokémon from different regions on a weekly basis which is mysteriously addictive with its easy to pick up and play, ability to explore and competitiveness. Trainers, get prepared for the upcoming December Community Day (Dec 14 & 15) to enjoy exclusive encounters and bonuses!

iOS version | Android version

Screenshot from Pokemon GO

Countdown #15: Pocket

Have you ever saved some great content to your browser bookmark and think that you’ll read it afterward but never did? Our marketing team uses Pocket to capture and absorb great content daily. With the application available on macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and web browsers, you can save and read articles anywhere. What’s more? The listen feature frees up your hands and eyes, and you can consume content while you are cooking, jogging, or relaxing.

iOS version | Android version

Screenshot from Pocket

Countdown #16: Skype

Skype is our official team communication tool that we used at Logic. We use it to do group chat, video/audio calls, share screens, and it’s free anywhere in the world! We love it, but sometimes “hate” it because how easily we can ping each other on Skype.

iOS version | Android version

Screenshot from Skype

Countdown #17: SNOW

Rudolph and Santa take selfies with SNOW app. It provides plenty of filters in its camera, especially season or holiday ones. Also, it allows users to correct the color, brightness/darkness etc to make the photo more delightful. These cute filters bring people closer and create more smiles when taking selfies.

iOS version | Android version

Screenshot from SNOW

Countdown #18: Spark

What’s your strategy to deal with email overload? We use Spark to achieve inbox zero! With Spark’s intelligent tools, you can prioritize your emails and focus on the important ones with Smart Inbox, snooze emails, and schedule emails features. The team collaboration features allow you chat emails with your teammates and create emails together.

iOS version | Android version

Screenshot from Spark

Countdown #19: Spotify

Among all the music apps, our tech team loves Spotify the best. The app is very intuitive to allow you control it with multiple devices (laptop, smart phone, TV) at the same time, switch between speakers easily. It also integrates well with a variety of hardware and software. And of course we love the dark mode interface to accompany other coding tools.

iOS version | Android version

Screenshot from Spotify

Countdown #20: Venmo

Have you ever heard “I’ll Venmo you later”? Since it is so widely-used, Venmo even becomes a verb in people’s daily life. It is now a popular app to transfer money to your friends, sending and requesting just in one click! There are such moments like this: a group of friends hanging out splitting bills. Venmo offers a fun and easy way to make life so much easier. Also, if you always forget to bring your wallet, venmo might be your super lifesaver.

iOS version | Android version

Screenshot from Venmo

Countdown #21: Waze

Sometimes, it feels like all the cars in the world can feel the cold because they are freezing on your way to work. Waze is a handy tool that does not only navigate accurately but it also helps you avoid bad traffic and arrive at your destination on time. Its user-friendly interface also allows people to personalize their routes and preferred locations. Besides, its cute icons always make your day!

iOS version | Android version

Screenshot from Waze

Countdown #22: WhatsApp

Wishing your friends and family happy holidays anytime anywhere for free. Especially when you are travelling around the world, you would always want to share the excitement with your beloved ones without charging you international fee. You can send photos, videos, voice messages that works similar to your SMS. Group chat is also available that allows you to share your joy in one click.

iOS version | Android version

Screenshot from WhatsApp

Countdown #23: Yelp

We have a full house of foodies at Logic (including our CEO Jimmy)! Yelp is one of our favorite apps to look for places for group lunches, happy hours, or simply hang out with each other after work. The collections feature allows us to create different groups of places and share with colleagues via links. It has become a very trusted source when you are looking for “just the right thing” to do, eat or see!

iOS version | Android version

Screenshot from Yelp App

Countdown #24: Youtube

Where do we start?  A free app (if you don’t mind commercials) or low-cost to be commercial-free, this app will allow you to explore just about any subject-matter on the planet!  It is an incredible educational tool as well as endless hours of entertainment with shows, movies, games and music. Whether you want to fix your kitchen sink or car, listen to your favorite artist’s entire collection, watch your favorite show, and even watch your favorite gamer play a game you love, YouTube is the app for you!  It is an app that absolutely ANYONE can find a use for if they give it a try. Trust us, you can’t live without it!

iOS version | Android version

Screenshot from Yelp App

Countdown #25: YOURS

For the 25th Day we want the app to be YOURS! Ring in the New Year with a resolution to bring your customers closer to you through Desktop and Mobile App technologies. Logic Solutions can make that happen for you! Happy Holidays from the Logic Solutions family to yours! We look forward to spending 2020 with you!

Happy Holidays

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