Logic Internship Program: It is More Than Just Developing Developers!

Marketing Team Employee Spotlight

Logic recognizes the importance of mentoring and developing young professionals which is why Logic has implemented the internship program for over the past ten years. The program integrates classroom knowledge and theory with practical application and skills developed in a professional setting. They also bring a wealth of benefits to students, both while completing a degree and when seeking a career path post-graduation.

Logic is always excited to have new and fresh faces to be a part of our team. One of the best times of the year is when we get our new summer interns! This year we had two that really stood out.

Introducing CJ Chang and Adam Zhang

Logic intern CJ ChangCJ is from Xi’an, China. He is a second-year graduate student in Computer Science at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor.

Fun fact: “I never miss in axe throwing! (I tried once and hit the center of the target. Then I decided to retire from axe throwing to keep a perfect record!)”

CJ on Logic: “I love that everyone knows each other by the first name at Logic.”

Logic intern Adam Zhang


Adam Zhang is from Shanghai, China. He is currently a junior majoring in Computer Science and Statistics at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor.

Adam on Logic: “I enjoyed the internship experience because of all the nice people and various projects.”

Our Culture

CJ was the first to join Logic as a graduate student after working for a major corporation of 300+ employees as a data analyst. It was in stark contrast to his previous experience where he felt rushed and not a true part of things. CJ brought knowledge to the table and was able to roll up his sleeves and work on projects elbow to elbow with the rest of our team.

Adam had his first professional work experience, so he didn’t exactly know what to expect. He fit right into the family-like culture here. He learned very quickly how to conduct himself in a business environment with people willing to mentor him through the process.

Both interns immediately took to our corporate culture and felt like they were more a part of things. They knew everyone and felt included in the process – like their personal contribution really makes a difference. Our interns learn a high level of professionalism that is greatly needed in the current business climate. Additionally, they experience teamwork at its best with the true collaborative environment fostered by Logic’s executives and team.

The Practical

Because this was the first experience for Adam, everything he learned opened his eyes to the business world. He learned quickly what he liked to do and how that may apply to his future and his development as a student at U of M – Ann Arbor. He was able to work on an up and coming project with our new partner Domo. CJ was a bit more experienced but found a new level of professionalism that he had not found before. He was really able to recognize and incorporate the organizational structure and learn proper communication protocols. Both found their internship at Logic to be extremely useful in their professional development.

Logic’s internship program allows our students to learn their career path on a deeper level. Additionally, they are able to work on multiple projects and learn a set of rules to track their work which is invaluable to them as they move forward in their career. We focus on building on to a student’s educational experience to determine what area of development to focus on, but this is only the beginning of harnessing their potential!

The Rest of the Story

Both interns were able to do something vital to the budding career of any university student … they were able to network and make lasting contacts. In addition to practical work experience, the relationships built during these months at Logic Solutions will be with them when they move forward from education to work. Talent is extremely important, but relationships are the spark behind Logic’s flame of opportunity!