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Heartbleed and Making Your
eWorld a Little More Secure

Here we go again. The latest bug to rock our Internet world, Heartbleed, has turned the concept of information security on its head. Even you, trusted reader, are likely to be affected either directly or indirectly. Take, for example, that little “lock” icon that you see when you are logging into a site or entering a credit card number. Businesses and individuals alike rely on that image to assure that the transaction, along with the information that goes with it, is private and encrypted. It turns out, however, that it may not be as secure as we all thought.

Unlike conventional viruses that open access for hackers to download sets of encrypted usernames and passwords (which hackers then have to de-encrypt to use), the Heartbleed bug lets attackers grab small chunks of data as the data flows from your browser to a server and back. For servers using the vulnerable versions of OpenSSL software for data encryption (which is about two-thirds of all websites, according to Yahoo Tech,) the data that is transmitted is at risk.

Click here to learn if websites you use have been affected and what you extra steps you can take to protect your valuable information.

Why You Should Use iPad or Android Tablets at Trade Shows

Trade shows are an important part of generating new business. According to the Center for Exhibition Industry research, the number one reason that people attend trade shows is to see new products. In fact, 92 percent of trade show attendees say they are looking for new products. It has been the number one reason to attend for 25 years! So trade shows are a great place to introduce or feature your newest products.

However, for the sales team, trade shows are high-stress/high-reward endeavors. Thankfully, tablets and mobile app technology (such as the Showcase Sales App) can address some common areas of frustration on the trade show floor. This includes poor or no Wi-Fi connectivity, space limitations, limited access to power and more.

Click here to learn more about how a mobile device — especially when it’s installed with the right sales tool — just may be the right solution for you.

Featured Client: USCAP

The United States & Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP) is a global leader in the transmission of knowledge in the field of pathology. Over the years, USCAP, a Georgia based not-for-profit organization that serves around 10,000 members of pathologists worldwide, was lagging in technological innovation and robust system sustainability. With more businesses moving to web and/or mobile-based technology to conduct their transactions and service customers online, the USCAP management made a decision in 2012 to transform its current system to a foundation that would enable the organization to take advantages of today’s technology and match up with the challenges ahead.

Logic Solutions was identified, assessed, and granted the development contract based on our proven technology-focused strength, the readily accessible pool of competent development resources both here in United States and in China, and our agile Project Management and development methodology.

Learn about the project’s challenges, phases and successes by clicking here.

Employee Spotlight: Keith Shen

keithKeith Shen is Logic Solutions’ talented program lead. Keith was born in Shanghai, China where he earned a bachelor’s of science in mechanical engineering. Keith came to the States in the mid-1980s to continue his education. Like many employees at Logic Solutions, Keith also holds degrees from prestigious Michigan universities: a master’s in mechanical engineering from Wayne State and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

Keith adheres to a methodical, step-by-step approach to business. He believes a business process should always be optimized before an IT solution is implemented. This belief has turned Keith into an incredible IT program/project manager and architect of enterprise IT solutions. Keith has a wealth of experience particularly with small to medium size companies, in initiating and delivering technologies to business.

It’s probably unsurprising that, in his free time, Keith is a long distance runner, a sport that champions taking tiny steps toward a larger overall goal. Even when the finish line is far away, Keith can help your company find the best path and run each step with you.

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