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New Logic Health Website Communicates IT Capabilities in Key Industry

Logic-healthcare-web-mobile-imageWhen it comes to healthcare, there is one certainty — technology continually drives change at a rapid pace. This is especially relevant for three key audiences: health care providers, entrepreneurs and payers. Logic Solutions has years of experience working in this industry, and has been sought after as a key technology partner to assist companies large and small to develop solutions in a number of important areas including reducing readmissions, telemedicine, mHealth solutions, data integration, remote care management and patient/provider provider portals.

We work with our clients by providing custom web and mobile applications that healthcare organizations can use to improve the quality of care given to patients, reduce readmissions and increase the bottom line. Our work supports providers along the continuum of care to engage and empower their patients and improve outcomes, as well as position these providers to succeed in the new Value Based Purchasing model. Our work helps connect people — from patient to the doctors; from the hospital administrators to the necessary regulatory agencies.

This week, Logic Solutions launched Logic Health, a microsite that provides clear and concise information to the various healthcare audiences we work with. In addition to an overview of how we can provide value to our customers and partners, there is also a sampling of some of the many projects we have delivered to date in our growing portfolio section. Examples include solutions in mHealth, patient and provider portals and healthcare apps.

If your organization works in the healthcare industry or you are a service provider looking for an IT partner to help bring your solution to the next level, we invite you to visit healthcare.logicsolutions.com to learn more about our capabilities. Discover how our healthcare development experts can help your organization meet your business objectives.

Happy Anniversary World Wide Web

It was 25 years ago this week that something incredible happened in the world of technology. A gentleman by the name of Tim Berners-Lee submitted a proposal to his managers at CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) for “linked information systems” designed to help the organization keep track of data, essentially proposing a way for computer networks to communicate with each other. Although the original proposal wasn’t approved, a modification of it was created and subsequently approved in 1990 and the World Wide Web was officially born. Just a few years later, WWW became an open license, opening up access to the online world that we are familiar with today.

800px-First-Web-ServerToday, it’s difficult to imagine a world today without the Web. It allows us to advance technologies and innovation like never before, giving us opportunities to explore both intended and unintended paths. We surf the web, check our email, download helpful apps, book vacations and receive breaking news. We keep tabs our money, our health, our relationships and so much more. It is always changing, always evolving as if it were a living, breathing being.

The Web is an ever-changing sandbox of opportunity for people and businesses alike, and Logic Solutions is thrilled to be right there in the middle of it. Our enthusiasm for building great technology solutions for those who need it is more than just a job; it’s a gratifying passion.

Logic Solutions salutes Mr. Berners-Lee and his vision that he worked so hard to bring to reality. We also salute all of our clients and their mission to bring positive change. Together, we will continue to bring new, inspiring and cutting edge ideas that truly make a difference.

Featured Client: Larky

larky-trio-longThis month, we proudly feature our client Larky, an Ann Arbor-based company that helps employers and organizations increase loyalty by promoting valuable and often unknown benefits to their employees or members. Larky’s web site and app were named “One of the 15 Best Financial Sites and Apps” by CNN Money. Larky helps organizations like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, The State Bar Association, and the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce engage with their members. For consumers, Larky ensures that they never miss a discount they deserve, saving them over $1,000/year.

Larky teamed up with Logic Solutions to enhance their iOS mobile application to create a streamlined, reliable, user-friendly app and web site that delivers on this promise. The app and web site track membership and association perks and helps users exercise their benefits. In addition, users can set their alert preferences if they only want to be reminded about certain perk types. Larky can also notify users while they are shopping (or window-shopping) at a merchant that offers exclusive savings.

Technology is driving organizations to rethink traditional loyalty programs with the increased use of smartphones, so it makes sense for a wide range of businesses — retailers, banks, insurance providers, restaurants and many others — to consider digitizing and mobilizing their loyalty systems.

If you are a consumer who is looking for savings, or a business who is looking for a new innovative way to share your discounts and promotions with your customers, visit larky.com today.

Showcase Sales Apps Now on Google Play

google-play-logoLogic Solutions is pleased to announce all modules of its Showcase Sales mobile sales system are now available for Android tablets. The Showcase Sales app is free to download, and the content management system is available for a monthly subscription.

“We are very excited that Showcase is available on Google Play and the App Store,” said Angela Kujava, Director of Innovation. “Now companies that were hesitant about their device budget have a more affordable hardware option in Android. In addition, companies with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies can offer this useful tool to a majority of their employees with tablets.”

With availability on both Apple and Android devices, companies have flexible options for device selection and support. Showcase even works well in organizations with Bring Your Own Device policies. Learn more about the growing trend of BYOD.

New users can download Showcase Sales from Google Play or the App Store and sign up for 14-day free trial on www.showcasecloud.com.

Employee Spotlight: Matt Sarkesian

Matt SarkesianMatt Sarkesian is Logic Solutions’ talented Chief Technical Officer. Matt’s history with Logic Solutions is a long one. In 2000, he sold his company to Logic Solutions’ CEO Jimmy Hsiao, and joined officially as a member of the team in 2001. Matt knows the company from top to bottom. Before becoming CTO, he worked as an Internet Application Developer, Senior Developer, Technical Lead and Director of IT.

Matt’s experience has turned him into a Jack-of-All-Trades/Master-of-All. Some of his expertise includes product development, project planning, operations management and technical training. Just because he’s the boss, doesn’t mean he forgot all the skills that got him here. You name it and he can program it – from C++ to Flash to WordPress – and everything in between.

Matt has two important beliefs in the business world: (1) a company is only as good as its employees and (2) transparency with clients is of the utmost importance.

As a University of Michigan graduate, Matt enjoys watching the Wolverines on the weekends while spending time with his wife and three kids. He also utilizes his management abilities on the pitch and court, coaching his kid’s soccer and basketball teams.

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