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LogicSolutions.com Gets a Makeover

Homepage ScreenOver the last couple months, we’ve been touting the importance of responsive and adaptive websites. But then we realized something: our website wasn’t responsive. Because of this oversight, we took it upon ourselves to redesign our company site in WordPress. Now you can visit us on a computer, tablet or smart phone with ease. Be sure to check it out at www.logicsolutions.com.

Open-Sourced CMS vs. Closed-Source CMS

You know you want a content management system to control the content on your website, but you might not know which system is best for your business. Let’s start with a more basic question: should your company choose an open-source CMS or a closed-source CMS? Read More.

Maintaining Updates of Content Management Systems

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We all get those annoying pop up messages on our computers imploring us to update certain programs. No matter the importance of what we’re doing – be it browsing Twitter or sending out a proposal – it all seems a lot better than watching a percentage increase on an update bar.

But each time you click “Not Now” you’re putting yourself at risk for security breaches and missing out on important feature updates. Read More.

What’s Going on with Showcase?

Our mobile sales app, Showcase, had a big month. It started by winning Corp! Magazine’s annual DiSciTech award for Technology of the Year. This is a prestigious honor we can only accept after thanking our dedicated clients and hardworking employees. Read the full press release here.

In the later half of the month, we added Marketecture principal Cathy Veri as a new channel partner. Veri brings a tremendous amount of talent to our team as an expert in the fields of manufacturing, industrial distributors and audio/visual distributors. To learn more abut Cathy, please visit ShowcaseCloud.com/cathy and read our press release here.

Jimmy’s Corner – What’s Up and What’s Down?

Life and business usually consist of of many ups and downs. In this past few months, I’ve seen some ups and downs worth mentioning.

What’s up? WhatsApp! In fact, the company (named WhatsApp) had an almost unthinkably high “up” in February when Facebook acquired it for $19 billion. The start up has only been around for five years. There has been no company with such a high valuation after only five years.

With 450 million users, WhatsApp dominates the mobile messaging app markets in the US and Europe, but other apps dominate elsewhere in the world. Read More.

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