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Happy Holidays from Logic Solutions

happytdayWith Thanksgiving upon us, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our progress possible. The entire Logic Solutions staff would like to express our sincere appreciation to our valued customers, business partners and champions of our organization.

We are deeply thankful for your support and wish you a happy and prosperous holiday season.

Innovation: Apples, Rice and Cherries (Jimmy’s Latest Blog Entry)

While in China last week, one of my nephews told me that he is such a fan of Apple that he would buy any new product the company releases. He believes Apple’s products are always innovative. So far he has accumulated a MacBook Air, an iPod, an iPhone, an iPad and Apple TV. He makes about $2,000 per month that has to support a family of three in China, but his story is not uncommon.

Two years ago I took a few iPhones and a few iPads to China to give away as the prizes of our annual Chinese New Year Party. Giving away prizes, large and small, has always been important practice for companies in China during the Chinese New Year party. For Logic, Apple products are always the top draw.

A few days after the party I noticed one of our secretaries with an iPhone 4 in her hand. I said, “Congratulations to winning the iPhone!” She said, “Oh, it is not from the party. I bought it myself.”

I then asked, “How much do you have to pay for it?” She said, “I bought it ‘water merchandise’ (someone brought in from outside China) so it was only 6,000 RMB.” I was almost speechless. That is about $1,000 USD, which was more or less the entire monthly salary of an experienced secretary in China. (Read Jimmy’s full blog post here.)

Have You Checked Out Showcase Recently?

55Your brand is everything. We built Showcase so that it both promotes and protects your brand and image. Among many cool features, you have the ability to set and change the app’s home screen image to display your most current (or throwback!) graphics.

But your brand is at the forefront with the Showcase sales library. You can control which awesome marketing materials your users can access, and revoke any brochures, presentations, or videos that no longer match your strategy.

Your brand is worth it. Give Showcase a 30-day try (it’s free!) to see for yourself.

New Website Built to Serve Important Texas Area

hill countryThe Texas Hill Country is a large region of Central Texas and South Texas, made up of a number of towns west of Austin and San Antonio. This area of Texas is akin to The Traverse City / Leelanau Peninsula area of Michigan and is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, summer camps, wine tasters and tourists. Up until recently, the people of this area had no online mechanism for staying up to date with the local activities, news and other happenings.

The folks at Briscoe Hall, in partnership with Hill Country Communications and the Local Radio Stations, approached Logic Solutions looking for an answer. They wanted a solution that would serve the local people with a variety of information while creating a tool to generate revenue for local companies placing online advertising.

The Logic Solutions team went to work and built a site on top of a .NET framework that is free to users, offering a variety of information relevant to the area including local news, sports, weather, movie listings, obituaries, classified ads and local advertisements. Revenue is generated from the online advertisements that are placed, which is administered through an Ad System Management module that was built by Logic Solutions to assist salespeople and companies interested in online advertising.

The website recently launched and has already been fully embraced by numerous local businesses. Available information is being added daily and the website is now considered the place to go when looking for any information relevant to Texas Hill Country.

Catch Up On What’s New With Tech

Finding just the right gift for your techie in the family can sometimes be a challenge. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite items (click here to see our full list) which will hopefully make your search a bit easier this holiday season. Enjoy, and happy holidays from the Logic Solutions staff!

1) NuForce Cube Speaker ($99)
This tiny little speaker is engineered to be your all-in-one mobile audio center. If you want good sound wherever you go, then you’ll find it an amazingly convenient and easy to carry companion.

2) Nike + Fuel Band SE ($149)
This flashy little bracelet tracks not only how much, but also how often and how intensely you move. And it gives you real-time feedback, move reminders and insights to help you get moving more effectively than ever.

3) EcoXPower Pedal Powered Headlight + GPS/Mobile Device Charger ($99)
Cyclists will love this multi-tasking technology of being able to charge their smartphone or GPS while powering the front and rear lights of their bikes at the same time. Bad weather? No problem – it’s waterproof too!

4) Beartek Snowsport Gloves ($120)
These technology-integrated weatherproof gloves give you wireless control of your phone, music, media, and camera – letting you answer calls, play/pause and skip music tracks, and capture your ride in video or photos – all while simultaneously providing warmth. Who could ask for more!

5) BeLuvv Guardian Tracker ($29.95)
A great gift for the new parent, this device is designed to be worn by a child as a bracelet or necklace. When combined with a mobile application, the Guardain constantly communicates with the parent’s mobile device and can send an alert when the child has traveled too far away.

Want to see more? Click here to see the rest of the list.

New Addition

54Logic Solutions is pleased to introduce Richard Walker as our newest Business Development Consultant on the sales team.

Richard is a graduate of Edinboro University of PA, earned an MBA from Wayne State University and a J.D. from Michigan State University College of Law. He worked for years in advertising, sales, and maintains his license to practice law.

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Richard now resides in Canton with his wife and his two children.

Staff Appointments

kujavaAngela Kujava has been appointed as Director of Innovation for Logic Solutions. In her new role, she will oversee aspects of product roadmapping, positioning, promotion, and customer satisfaction for Logic’s family of products, including Showcase and Quantum Compliance.

Angela is delighted to help advance the culture of innovation at Logic, and looks forward to rolling out creative and indispensable products.

The Logic Solutions team strives to provide you with relevant and interesting information in our monthly newsletter. If you have feedback or suggestions, please email us at marketing@logicsolutions.com. We look forward to hearing from you!
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