Magento 2 Developer Beta is here

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Attention eCommerce developers: Magento 2 is here.

Announced on December 18, Magento has launched the new Developer Beta code on GitHub for download and installation. This is the first major release and breakthrough since Magento 1.x.

There are also several exciting Magento 2-related announcements to go along with the new code. Here is the quick overview of all of them:

Source: Magento

Source: Magento

New Developer Hub

Magento has launched a brand-new online resource called the Magento 2 Developer Hub. Now developers and tech-savvy people can access documentation, blog posts from the Magento technical team, video tutorials, upcoming events, and more. Additionally, community-created resources will be added to the site. This is sure to be a page to check regularly for updates!

Updated Documentation

Public documentation for Magento 2 is available! A perfect read for those looking for more information on the new release.

Changes to GitHub

The Magento team will soon update their GitHub process allowing them to directly accept submissions and pull requests.  This new system will provide more transparency and a more visible commit history, as well as proper attribution to contributors.

Magento 2 Developer Beta Webinars

Missed both Magento 2 Developer Beta webinar sessions? Don’t worry, you can find recordings to the sessions on the Developer Hub!

Now, get cracking on that new code! Treat yourself to one more holiday gift!


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