A Shameful Confession About Mobile

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My mobile device makes it easy for me to be a fair-weather fan. There, I said it. I am not proud.

Listen, when I was in school (at the University of Michigan, obvs) the NCAA was handing down sanctions to our basketball team left and right, taking away titles, etc., while our football team was busy winning a National Championship. Just thinking about basketball was painful. Sadly, I don’t know if I set foot in Crisler once during those four years.

Maybe that helps to explain why I say things like, “He should take a knee and just let the clock run out!” when I watch basketball. Or why I gave up early in the fourth quarter of the Sweet Sixteen game last Friday and went upstairs for a quick workout.

I generally listen to music on my iPhone to keep the boredom at bay while on the elliptical, and I kept the Sports Center app running to watch the score refresh…just in case. Several minutes later my guy, who also wasn’t really watching but had remained in the general vicinity of the TV, walked up to me and said, “I think you might want to come back downstairs.”  My app read 1:12 left, Michigan down by five, but it wasn’t quite as real time as it advertises, and Michigan was actually within a basket.

You probably know how the rest went. Farewell, Kansas!

Michigan plays Syracuse in the Final Four on Saturday night. Even though I have my choice of mobile devices at home, I think I’ve learned to apply my rabid football spirit (you NEVER LEAVE A GAME before it’s over.ever.) to basketball.

Go Blue!  Good luck, Wolverines!

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