Client Spotlight: TerraYebo

Marketing Team Client Spotlight

TerraYebo is a for-profit, socially conscious company with the mantra of “doing well by doing good.” They are especially known for their innovative product, My Inch of the Earth ( My Inch of the Earth serves as a consumer engaging, crowd sourcing platform that allows individuals to claim any virtual inch of the earth, share with the world why that place is important to them, and the money they spend goes towards either preserving that space or benefits a cause the user is passionate about.

My Inch of the Earth also allows people to align their donations with a participating charity of their choosing. Through their contributions, donors can then populate their virtual inch with photos, videos, and stories a specific memory or a dedication. These donations help partnering non-profit entities in two ways;  the organization receives much needed funding for their cause and increased awareness of the organization’s efforts as users share their inch through their social media and email.

MITEwebsiteTerraYebo and the My Inch of the Earth concept received a lot of attention from the public and investors early on, but in order to make it truly ready for market, enterprise-level functionalities needed to be created or modified. TerraYebo approached Logic Solutions for assistance in building out the main application so that it would be positioned for success. “Logic Solutions has done a great job at assessing the technical needs of my company and assembling the right skill sets and team to deliver a quality product and affordable solutions,” said Michele Favoretto, President and Founder of TerraYebo.

Since its initial launch, the response has been overwhelming. Major non-profit organizations including the National Park Foundation, VFW Foundation, Autism Speaks and many more have taken interest in My Inch. This fall, Henry Ford Health System partnered with the Detroit Lions and they chose My Inch of The Earth as the platform to help raise funds for their Game On Cancer campaign ( Microsoft has also taken an interest and formed a partnership with TerraYebo to incorporate Bing Maps into the technology platform, which is just one of the enhancements that Logic Solutions has worked on since the website’s initial launch.

2014 holds a lot of promise for TerraYebo, My Inch of the Earth and all of its partnering non-profits, and the Logic Solutions team is excited to be able to help make the upcoming year the best one yet.