Logic Recap: T-Mobile, Fiber, 3D Printing

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It’s Monday, time for your Logic Recap for all the significant tech events of last week. And in case you missed it, the Red Wings beat the Ducks last night to advance to the second round of the Stanley Cup Finals. Go Wings!

T-Mobile + iPhone

Albeit the last major carrier to receive the iPhone, T-Mobile shows that demand is still high. The company revealed that it has sold over 500,000 iPhone 5s since the device’s debut on April 12th. In addition, the company reported of Apple Store-like lines leading out the door.

Info via Mashable.

More Fiber

The people want more Fiber and Google is answering. The gigabit Internet service will now be offered in Grandview, Missouri (a suburb of Kansas City). The exact date has not yet been set but the city is “delighted to partner with Google” according to Mayor Steve Dennis (PCMag).

Info via PCMag.

3D Printing

Have you always wished you could print 3D objects at home? Staples is here to help. The large office supplier will begin to sell The Cube, a 3D printer made by 3D Systems. “The Cube can print items up to five-and-a-half inches tall, wide and long in 16 different colors, and it comes packaged with 25 free design templates” (CNN).

Now your creative bounds have no dimensional limits. A Google image search of 3D printed objects produces several creative ideas.

Info via CNN.

“Let’s Talk Tablets”

Last week we posted this popular infographic on our LinkedIn page. “There’s no question business has gone mobile.” The infographic posts several compelling statistics for the benefits of tablets such as 84% of tablet users report that tablets make them better multi-taskers and that 94% of Fortune 500 Companies were testing or deploying iPads. In addition, over half of all small and medium sized businesses utilize tablets.

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