Showcase v. 0.9 is Live!

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showcase_iconWe deployed Showcase v. 0.9 on Tuesday, and it’s chock full of great updates and enhancements. What, you ask?  Well, here’s a list:

Order Module

  • Select your customer at any point in the order process; you no longer need to choose a customer before adding an item to the order
  • Sales reps can give single product or order discounts on the iPad (with permission from admin—see CMS features below)
  • View the order as a PDF that can be emailed or printed (via wireless printing if available). An order PDF can also be downloaded from the CMS
  • Submit a single order at a time, or all orders at once
  • Search among orders via customer name or order number
  • Order numbers are now formatted “username_timestamp”

Customer Management

  • Add a new customer on the iPad and submit that information to CMS
  • Temporarily hide customers on the iPad (you will enable this function in Settings)
  • Primary and alternate contacts (optional) fields
  • Sort customers by state name

New Settings Module in app

The new Settings module accesses Account Management (to view company name and username, change user info, and open the CMS)

  • Show/hide customers
  • Recovery sync
  • Switch languages (currently only English and Chinese)
  • Check for app updates
  • User Logout

CMS Improvements

  • New location at
  • SKU and price are no longer required for new or existing products (product names must all be discrete)
  • New “Tag Management” system in Product Management allows users to create, edit, and manage tags. Edits to tags in Tag Management apply across all products with the tag (e.g. spelling correction)
  • Add discounts as percentages
  • Sales Library management now automatically generates a thumbnail for documents, and video length! The thumbnail will be an image of the first page of the file.
  • “Check file name” feature in Sales Library has been removed; instead the system automatically checks for duplicates
  • New “App Appearance Management” allows CMS users to change the look and feel of the app skin, and replace other branding elements of the app (such as logo and home screen background)
  • New “Log Management” section provides login history and user operations, which will help us provide better technical feedback and diagnose issues
  • The Catalog module can be deselected from the app (user must change the settings in “Configuration” in the CMS and logout for changes to apply)
  • New settings in “Configuration” allow you to permit users to give product or order discount prices at the point of sale


  • Rotate PDFs to vertical orientation in Sales Library
  • New Showcase app icon (a blue icon will replace your white one)
  • In Sales Library, a “Loading” icon will display when opening large PDF files
  • Added “Uncategorized” category to Catalog for products with no category
  • Improved image swiping in Catalog module
  • Users will receive a notification when a new app version is available
  • Users can reset passwords on the app

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