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If you are a regular reader, you probably noticed a lot of changes around our websites in the last few months (if you’re new to the Logic newsletter – Hi, and welcome!). We’re going through quite a bit of retooling, and that’s not limited to the look and feel of our web presence. 


Angela roboing for 826Michigan

Your unique software needs made great – that’s our business. It’s no secret that what makes technology “great” changes rapidly, so we are investing our energy into key focus areas: eCommerce, Content Management, and Mobile. You’ll notice some our articles in this issue surround eCommerce, specifically.

We’re especially diving deeper into Magento, WooCommerce, WordPress, and Drupal.  Our teams scour themes, extensions, widgets, and plug-ins to ensure we can take advantage of best-of-breed technology that’s already out there. We customize your unique features on top of existing awesomeness*  to keep your costs down.

Our Quick Guide to Mobile App Development Platforms compares cool mobile tools we use, and you can find frequent posts about the latest trends in mobile technology, like Wearables (think smart watches and fitness bands) on our blog.  We’ve also introduced some huge new changes with our award-winning sales app Showcase, but you’ll hear more about that in our next issue – exciting news is just around the corner!

Internally, we’re bringing more focus and support to the health and soul issues that concern our Logicians. Guest speakers such as wellness expert Barb Figurski and home organizational whiz Sharon McRill of The Betty Brigade have shared their caring insight with our team.


Yiwei Chen volunteering in Haiti

We’ve also devoted time to share with each other the many charitable organizations and activities in which our team members participate, such as Tzu Chi, miRcore, 826michigan, The Yes Foundation, World Vision, and YMCA, among many others.

Finally, we’ve had the great pleasure of working with a large group of super talented interns this summer. They have brought endless energy to this joint, and helped us think differently about our habits. We will miss seeing the faces of Cassie, Victor, Frank, Sharon, Brian, Edgar, Jeff, Patrick, and Jackson every day. Good luck next semester, and know you set a very high bar! And to Jen, who has finished her undergraduate degree—welcome aboard!

Warm regards,  Angela

(*technical term, obviously)

Angela KujavaAngela Kujava is the Director of Innovation and Chief Smoothie Officer at Logic Solutions. She is an ardent supporter the Oxford comma, and will challenge you to a duel if you believe the contrary. Should you find yourself about to duel Angela, it is valuable to know that her kryptonite is Doritos. She cannot avoid their salty, orange siren song.


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