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A Note From Quantum: 30 Years of Innovation

QSDS-30th-Anniversary-logo-normal2015 is a monumental year for Quantum. We’re celebrating our 30th year of business. We’re launching a new product. We’re still helping companies create safety data sheets (SDSs) to inform employers, employees, and the general public on hazardous chemicals. In the past year, the Quantum team has expanded to meet growing demands. We’re continuing to grow.

Our 30th anniversary has inspired us to reflect on the way technology has rapidly evolved in the workplace. Back in 1994, we wrote the first line of code to our MSDS generation software, the same software that we still use today (although it has been updated since the 90s!). By 1999, the team was translating MSDSs to 35 different languages, an astonishing feat that has been trivialized by the advent of Google Translate. Quantum achieved all of this and more in the early days of email and Internet while working with computers that had less memory than an iPhone! In the past year, we’ve added more than 60 clients, doubling in staff, size, and revenue.

Three decades later, we’re still working tirelessly to foster and deploy innovative software solutions to environmental health and safety experts. In order to commemorate our 30th anniversary, we plan to celebrate the best way that we know how – delivering great products.

Have a great new year!

The Quantum Team

Tzu Chi Foundation Partners with Logic Solutions to Develop New Donation Website

Tzu Chi Foundation's new websiteTzu Chi Foundation recently launched a powerful new website at www.tzuchi.us to help educate visitors about the Foundation’s mission and assist in the solicitation of donations. The humanitarian organization’s website makes it easy for visitors to donate small amounts that make an enormous impact.

While Tzu Chi is the largest charity organization in the Chinese-speaking community worldwide, the Foundation has been looking for a way to engage United States donors in a meaningful way. Tzu Chi came to Logic Solutions to develop a website that would help convey the organization’s belief that small amounts of money can turn into great love and have tremendous effect on those who are suffering.

Click here to read more about the Tzu Chi project! >>

Jimmy is on a podcast!

ceopodcastslogoJimmy Hsiao was recently interviewed by Ann Arbor SPARK for the CEO Podcast. Ann Arbor SPARK’s president and CEO, Paul Krutko, discusses business trends and the economy with private sector CEOs, elected and appointed public sector leaders and the executive leadership of key non-profit and academic institutions.

Jimmy talks about founding Logic Solutions 20 years ago, its current products and services, and Showcase, its new mobile catalog and order placement app.

Click here to read more about the achievement!

Mobile App Development Team Turns 6!

Happy 6th birthday, Logic’s Mobile App Development Team! We’re so proud of the top-notch work that they’ve done over the past 6 years and are excited for the next 6 (and more)!

In the last two years the development firm’s mobile development practice has more than tripled, and continues to grow. Over the past six years, Logic has helped over 100 critical projects come to fruition. Notable mobile projects include Larky (a local Ann Arbor startup), Genisys Credit Union’s Mobile Banking, Omaha Steaks’ “SteakTime”, and Abriiz.

Congratulations! Maybe we’ll have a birthday cake?

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Logical Additions

Several new faces have joined the Logic family this month! Please give them a warm welcome!

Cassidy-ShawCassidy Shaw is a Business Development Manager with Logic Solutions. Cassidy grew up just north of San Francisco in Marin County. She is really into outdoor activities, like hiking, volleyball, running, biking, and going to the beach. Cassidy enjoys going to sporting events, concerts (preferably country music), and traveling. Cassidy is also a big dog person. She loves them! Cassidy went to The University of Arizona for college, and decided to stay in Arizona for a couple of years after college, where she was a general manger for 3 local Italian restaurants as well as an IT recruiter. The heat got the best of her and she decided to move back to California, where she found a great job at a technology company. She loves the industry and is really looking forward to being a part of the Logic Team! Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Jennifer-YinJennifer Yin is Quantum’s Sales and Marketing Associate, originating from NYC where she worked as a Program Coordinator at Tzu Chi Foundation. She graduated from Allegheny College with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Chinese Language. In her free time she enjoys hiking, reading, and dancing (especially swing dance!). Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Li-YanLi Yan joins Logic’s Account Department. She got her Master in Accounting (MSA) from Eastern Michigan University in 2010. She has worked as coordinator of finance and accounting at Washtenaw Community College and a General accountant at MTZ Global. She enjoys cooking for her daughter and husband. Her hobbies include reading, swimming, jogging, and playing tennis.

Fatima-HashmiFatima Hashmi is Logic’s new tech intern! Fatima is a student at Oakland Community College where she is learning computer programming. In her free time she loves to read and spend time with her family. She is enjoying her first week at Logic Solutions and cannot wait to learn more!

Magento Community vs Magento Enterprise

Magento-Editions-Comparison-smallIf you’re looking to create your own eCommerce site, you might’ve come across Magento. There are current two Magento products: the Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition. Aside from the fact that one is free and the other is not, you might not be sure what the difference is between them and which one is right for you.

We’ve created a beautiful, simple comparison chart to show that Community and Enterprise Editions are functionally very similar. Community is good for most businesses. Features that aren’t available out-of-the-box with Community can be programmed with extensions available for download or custom-built by Logic experts.

Click here to see the infographic! >>

New Guides! New Downloadable Resources!

We have created two new downloadable resources, this time focused on website development. If you’re looking to develop a website, these guides will help you make sure you have everything you need for that first analysis meeting with the developer. Go take a look at the checklists now!

Click here to download these guides!

Girl Develop It is coming to Logic!

Girl Develop It, a non-profit that provides affordable and accessible programs to women of all ages who want to learn web and software development, is holding a Teacher Training workshop on January 31, 2015 at Logic Solutions! If you are interested in becoming a GDI instructor (or already are one), this is perfect for you!

We’re excited to finally be hosting a GDI event at Logic. Sign up for the event if you’re interested in attending and be on the look out other wonderful future workshops!

Click here if you want to learn more about Girl Develop It!

Blog: Reinventing How We Use Email

Email is messy. For many people, managing cluttered inboxes, promotional offers, and spam is an arduous task. And that one message you received weeks ago with a very important appointment reminder but you don’t remember who sent it or what the body of the message contained? Good luck wading through the rubbish to try to find it.

Over the past couple of months, a number of companies have announced an alternative to email overload. Their goals are simple: make it easier for users to find important messages and increase productivity. Google, Dropbox, Microsoft, and IBM all approached the email overload challenge from different perspectives and have come up with (what they think) is the solution to all of your inbox woes.

Here is a quick rundown of what these tech giants have to offer.

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