July/August 2015 Newsletter

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A Note From the Mobile Tech Lead:
Bringing Web Technologies to “Native” Mobile Application Development

html5Nowadays web technology (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) is everywhere!

In recent years, the fast-paced development of web technologies has dramatically powered development activities past its traditional boundary. Web technology has not only been entrenched in modern browsers, it has also contributed to enterprise-level Web applications, mobile application development, and server-side services, as well as some emerging platforms like the Internet of Things.

Here are several highlights of how advances in web technologies have changed the development process:

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Jimmy’s Corner: Think Outside The Bottle

In a recent trip to a wedding reception in New York City, I came across a window display that was very cleverly done. It was is decorated with empty plastic water bottles that were repurposed to create beautiful light fixtures. We need more “outside-the-bottle” ideas to combat the rapid deterioration of our environment that is attributable to “outside-the-box” innovations.

Don’t get me wrong, I love innovation. I love watching it, and I love being a part of it. Engineers are often told to think outside the box for innovations in product design, manufacturing processes, and distributions. A life cycle of car design used to take 5 to 6 years, now it is less than 2 years. Moore’s Law of electronics has lasted more than 50 years with no sign of slowing down.

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Happy 20th Birthday, Logic!

Logic-Solutions-20th-AnniversaryLogic Solutions celebrates 20 years of development excellence this year. Over the past couple months, we’ve gradually updated our website with content, materials, and images celebrating reaching our second decade. You may have noticed the new logo, the celebratory slider on our homepage, and CFO Grace Lee’s kind words in her blog post.

Now we have a whole page looking back on our past milestones, achievements, and photos. Please celebrate with us by checking it out!

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Give Your Website A Fresh New Look!


The summer is a great time to revisit your website and ask yourself “It is user-friendly and intuitive to my site visitors? Are my bounce rates really high and is there something I can do about it? Could I have been affected by Google’s ‘mobile-geddon’?”

Why not take the time this season to redesign your website to give it a fresh, contemporary look and make it mobile-friendly? Download our Website Development Guide and contact us today for an assessment on how experts can help you convert more leads and close more sales!

Download the guide here!

Blog: Facebook Brings eCommerce Customer Service to Messenger
Facebook-MessengereCommerce and changing technology has altered how online and offline retailers interact with customers. For online stores it is now common, expected even, for businesses to interact with customers through email. Traditionally, anything that a consumer did on a website, from creating an order to customer support, involved separate email threads that easily get lost in cluttered inboxes, require clicking on links to the online store, and identity authentication. If you were one of the lucky few that used an online store with live chat customer support, getting a transcript of the exchange (if you could at all) was a convoluted process.

Facebook’s latest updates could change this entire eCommerce experience.

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